Hi there, roommates!

We know you’ve been wondering about who the next Roommate of the Month is! Well, the long wait is over. After much hunting and searching, we’ve finally spotted the next roommate who is deserving of the spotlight!

She is none other than 20 year-old beauty blogger and travel consultant, Hanna Nicolas! She has been consistently popping-out of our “roomie radar” as she’s been sharing and posting all her Sample Room beauty loots ever since she became part of the community.

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To get to know more about this loyal roomie, we asked her a few little questions…



1. Tell us about you and your blog.

“Writing is my first love, makeup and beauty products come next.During my puberty, I suffered from terrible breakouts and was able to manage keeping them at bay after trying out a lot of products! I then preach to my friends how to keep skin healthy and they began approaching and consulting me about which beauty products they should use. This made me start my own beauty blog, and there I shared my rants and rave reviews about the products that work and did not work for me.”

2. Who are the bloggers you look up to?

“I’ve been silently reading Martha’s blog (beautyjunkee), Liz’s (projectvanity), and Donnarence’s (mylucidintervals) and some other beauty bloggers I know.”

3. What advice can you give to our roommates who are also interested to start their own blogs?

“If blogging makes you happy, just do it. Don’t let any circumstances stop you. Believe in yourself that you can do it and it will come naturally.



1. Share to us your skin care and makeup routines!

“I do the basic skin care routine: cleanse, tone, moisturize and scrub. I don’t mind spending a little beyond my budget just to make sure that what I am using will really suit my skin type.About my makeup routine, I like to keep it simple. I’m not the type who likes putting on layers of foundation. Mine’s more on sunscreen, tinted moisturizer, finely-milled loose powder, and slightly tinted lip balm. In short, fresh look! Haha!”

2. What are the top 5 beauty products you can’t live without?

“Considering my frequent change of mood (lol), right now: a good gentle cleanser, a lightweight moisturizer, a reliable sunscreen, a good BB Cream, and a lip balm will do.



1. When did you first found out about Sample Room?

“I knew about Sample Room when I was still a student.I was on a tight budget back then, and was so desperate to find the best products for my acne-prone skin. I decided to search for samples online, and that’s when I stumbled upon Sample Room. I decided to give it a try after knowing that I can just use points to get free samples.

Eventually, I found myself splurging on VIP subscriptions because I know I’ll get much more than what I’ve paid for.”

2. How did Sample Room help you in your journey in the world of skincare and makeup?

“With Sample Room I was able to try what’s blazing and trendy in the world of makeup and skin care. It helps me big time to look for products that–who knows–may soon become part of my holy grail items, and to look for products I can talk about in my blog. The best thing is spending a fraction for full-sized products!”

3. What are the best finds you discovered through Sample Room?

“Mostly Belo SunExpert and Zenutrients products. I’m currently obsessing about Belo’s After-Sun Gel and Zenutrient’s CocoHoney Firming Mask!”

4. Any advice for your fellow roommates with regards to their sampling journey?

“Spend on VIP subscriptions now and never miss out on what’s hot! It’s worth it, I promise!”

And that ends our interview with our dear roommate of the Month—Hanna Nicolas. Our cheers and gratitude to your ever-faithful support, Hanna!

To know more about this amazing gal, you can check out her awesome blog at hannanicolas.blogspot.com or visit her social media accounts:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fashbeaubyhanna/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hannapoleng/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hannapoleng

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Elizabeth Ardens’ Newest Branches
Thursday, 20 July 2017

Check out Elizabeth Ardens’ newest branches located at Trinoma and Shangri-La Mall. You may avail their services: Booster Bar, Tone It Uptown, Pampered Hands, and Lady Liperty.

Visit the branch nearest you today! #ElizabethArdenPH #SampleRoomPH



I am a person who loves clothes, especially dresses. I’m fond of styling myself so that I will look fashionably neat and presentable anywhere I go.

Like other girls, I used to wear clothes that’ll show off some skin, particularly when attending a very special occasion. Until one day, I accidentally got cuts on my skin which made visible scars (near my elbow). And recently, I got mosquito bites that eventually turned into dark permanent marks. Because of these, my clothing style has been affected and my clothing choices became limited.

Since I want to finally get rid of these pesky scars, I began searching for a topical gel that will heal them. I actually found a lot, but none of them effectively worked on my skin. They only lessened the itchiness and pain, but the scars remained, waving at me.

Good thing, Sample Room gave me Dermatix Ultra for me to review! How convenient is that? I’ve been researching about a product that can lighten my scars, and voila–it’s just so coincidental that we are also sampling and reviewing this based on my experience! According to Dermatix Ultra, it can lighten, flatten, and soften my scars and initial improvement may be seen after 8 weeks of continued use. Upon further reading, it is said to have also been prescribed by different skin and surgery specialists! Now, I know that I’m in good hands!

Though I’ve just recently used it for 2 weeks now and is still waiting for the results, I noticed that my scars have already been softened. I’m definitely in for a good start! Dermatix Ultra’s content and feature are also way too awesome than other scar-healing products!

Common topical gels come in creamy texture and leave an oily, sticky feel when applied onto the skin. Dermatix Ultra, on the other hand, comes in a silky, transparent feature and leaves a smooth, non-greasy feel when applied. It is odor-less and quick-drying that it can dry in just a minute or two upon application. It can also dry in just a few seconds, if your scars are not that big. Plus, cosmetics and sunscreen can be applied over it! Amazing, isn’t it?  I usually wait for a few good minutes for it to dry up on my skin.

collageedspic 2

Check out Dermatix Ultra’s awesome TVC below!

Truly, Dermatix Ultra has made everything convenient and possible for us. I’m really glad that I have found a hero to help me get rid of my scars. I’ll just have to wait 6 more weeks for the complete process. After which, I can finally wear the clothes that I want and not feel limited again when it comes to my clothing choices! I can finally wear my dresses again, this time with confidence!

For more information about Dermatrix Ultra, click on the brochure below:

Dermatix_Patient-Brochure_FA-1 Dermatix_Patient-Brochure_FA-2

Dermatix Ultra Advanced Scar Formula
Wednesday, 19 July 2017


Dermatix® Ultra is an advanced scar formula that is proven effective in the management of scars. It has the innovative CPX (cyclopentasiloxane) technology for improved effects in flattening and softening scars and contains a unique ingredient of Vitamin C which gives the benefit of photoprotection and skin lightening.

Dermatix® Ultra’s high grade of skin conditioning agent heals your scar without the greasy, tacky feel upon application. It leaves a soft, silky and clean feel when applied to the skin.

It is not indicated for the treatment of depressed scars, such as those resulting from acne or chickenpox.


Proven efficacy in flattening, softening and lightening scars

Innovative formula with CPX technology & unique Vitamin C

Convenience with elegant, quick drying formulation

Excellent cosmetic properties: smooth and silky feel, transparent & odorless

Easy to apply

Safe to use, even for children

Recommended by plastic surgeons



Clean affected area with soap and water. Pat dry.


Apply a pea-sized amount of Dermatix® Ultra on the scar. Gently spread it all over the treated area.


Allow to dry for about 1-2 minutes before covering with cosmetics or sunscreen.

Apply twice daily for 3 months to see the results.

Can be used on elevated scars not older than 2 years, such as those from surgery, wounds or burns (except third-degree burns)

Should not be applied on open and depressed scars resulting from acne and chickenpox

FULL SIZE: 7g/15g


PRICE: PHP 730/ PHP 990


AVAILABLE AT: Available in all leading drugstores nationwide.



Facebook: facebook.com/DermatixPhilippines

Website: http://dermatix.asia/


Grab yours now at Sample Room!

In Her Element First Wash Cleansing Oil
Wednesday, 19 July 2017



The First Wash Cleansing Oil is made of all-natural, high-grade oils that work to remove the impurities of the day from your face. It contains Grape Seed Oil, rich in Beta-Carotene and Vitamins D, C, E which helps to brighten skin. It is also abundant in Linoleic Acid or Omega-6 which is believed to heal skin faster, prevent acne, and manage aging. It also contains Sweet Almond Oil and Coconut Oil, which helps to maintain the moisture barrier. It also features Vitamin E, an anti- oxidant, to help nourish skin.

This formula is fragrance-free.

USAGE: Shake well before use. Massage one pump all over your face to break down your makeup or sunscreen. This cleansing oil washes off with water; you may follow with your foaming facial wash afterwards if you prefer.

INGREDIENTS: Grape Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Polysorbate 80, Vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate)

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Keep in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.


FULL SIZE: Skin Care


PRICE:  PHP 450.00


AVAILABLE AT: https://www.inherelement.ph/



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/inherelementph/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/inher_element/

 Website: https://www.inherelement.ph/


Grab yours now at Sample Room!

In Her Element Spot Control Facial Oil
Wednesday, 19 July 2017

IHE002_a The Spot Control Facial Oil is a blend of premium, high-grade oils that work together to bring back balance to troubled skin. Sunflower oil is an excellent skin brightener and blemish remover due to its high fatty acid and Vitamin E content; both work to fade marks over time. Our Facial Oil also features Tea Tree and Green Tea, for fighting stubborn acne. Finally, it is infused with Jojoba Oil to re-balance skin.


INGREDIENTS: Sunflower Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Green Tea, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E

USAGE: Apply two to three drops on skin and pat all over the surface gently. Massage it to heal and correct your skin at night, right before you sleep.

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Keep in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.


PRICE: PHP 475.00


AVAILABLE AT: https://www.inherelement.ph/



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/inherelementph/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/inher_element/

 Website: https://www.inherelement.ph/


Grab yours now at Sample Room!


In Her Element Pure Squalane Facial Oil
Wednesday, 19 July 2017

IHE004_aThe Pure Squalane Facial Oil is the perfect facial oil for all skin types due to its incredibly lightweight, easily absorbed texture. It is scentless and contains only one organic ingredient – a precious oil derived from the olive tree. Squalane is famed for its anti-irritant, skin- soothing properties as well as its regulation of the skin’s oil production. It is also a powerful anti-oxidant, and protects your skin from damage.


INGREDIENTS: 100% pure plant-derived squalane oil

USAGE: Apply two to three drops on skin and pat all over the surface gently. You may use this in place of moisturizer in the morning and at night.

You may also add a drop of this oil to your favorite foundation, moisturizer, or sunscreen to boost their moisturizing ability.


STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Keep in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.



PRICES: PHP 445.00

AVAILABLE AT: https://www.inherelement.ph/



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/inherelementph/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/inher_element/

 Website: https://www.inherelement.ph/


Grab yours now at Sample Room!

eds pick

Before, I was the type of girl who always goes with the flow. When it comes to my hair, I used to think I can just use whichever brand of shampoo and conditioner and it will just have the same result. Because of this thinking, I never bothered to read the content or ingredients and just buy whichever brand is more convenient at that time.

I had been doing this routine until I started my first work. I noticed how my other officemates’ hair look so soft, smooth and healthy. And I noticed how mine looks so dull, dry, and unhealthy. It was not normal at all. It totally crashed my confidence and I also became overly conscious with the smell of my hair as the smoke of vehicles, cigarettes, and grilled food would stick onto my tresses every time I commute to work. That’s when I began doubting the effects of the shampoos and conditioners that I use. Good thing, Sample Room partnered with Palmolive Naturals recently that got me to try the Intensive Moisture variant.  

According to brand, it has the ability to restore moisture, and give long-lasting smoothness and fragrance to the hair. Though I first had trust issues with hair care claims, I took a leap of faith and tried it instead! After all, you’ll not discover the truth if you’re not going to try it, right?

Upon opening the bottle cap of both the shampoo and conditioner, I was surprised to sniff a candy-ish sweet and fruity floral scent! Funny as it may sound, but it came to a point where I found myself sniffing and getting addicted to its sweet smell! If it already has an amazing fragrance on the first smell, what more can it do if applied on my hair? 

As I squeezed a small amount of the shampoo product onto my palm and started putting it onto my hair, it quickly lathers and the sweet fruity floral scent became more prominent. After washing, my hair definitely felt cleansed afterwards. Its cream conditioner counterpart, is also not as sticky compared to other hair conditioners I’ve tried. It also leaves a fruity scent with a touch of milky coconut smell.

After a week’s usage, I noticed its incredible effects on my hair! True to its claim, my tresses started feeling lighter, softer and smoother. It gave my hair life by making it look healthier! It also gave my hair that irresistible sweet fragrant smell that lasts all day even with my daily commute to the office! My officemates even asked me if I was using a different perfume. They didn’t realize, it’s only my hair that gives off this kind of #BangongPalmolive!