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Hey guys and girls!

Welcome to Sample Room PH!

First of all, I would like to introduce myself! My name is Cassie, and I'll be Sample Room's resident blogger. Aside from our spankin' new website that pretty much lets you have a fun adventure of choosing your own beauty samples and reviewing them, I'm also here to give you the latest updates about Sample Room- fun and exciting promos and contests, beauty tips and tricks ( and advice, if you want to ask me anything, do email me! ), and sometimes, just random thoughts of mine!

Sample Room is every beauty lover's dream come true. I believe that money is hard-earned in every way, and we must get the most value for what we work hard for. I previously thought that beauty product shopping, at least for new products that I would want to try, would always be a gamble. It's either you'll love it and repurchase, or you'll hate it just because it doesn't really fit your skin type. It's a sad, sad thing when the latter happens because the journey continues, as you keep on gambling until you get it right. So much money down the drain. I must admit that I didn't feel that remorse because I had so much friends or family members that I would gladly pass on the product to; but when I started getting hooked with samples, remorse from the dent in my wallet from my previous risky purchases suddenly rushed to my system. Yikes!

Now, I believe, I am smarter. As much as possible, I would try samples first before committing to a full sized product. If there are no samples available, I would really scour the internet for reviews prior to trying it out. I believe that somehow, risks are lowered, and there is a bigger percentage that I might be happy with a product as compared to just buying it to try.

Now, Sample Room makes you try, before you buy! We're here to let you try sample-sized products first from our really supportive and kind partner brands- that they extended samples through us to make YOU try their products first. We have really great brand partners, from local brands to brands across the globe. These brands give you quality products that are just waiting for you to TRY, if it's a perfect match for you!

So, let me just explain to you how Sample Room works, in my own words! I hope this could be of help to some of you!

Step 1 : Register. Create a cute username , fill in your details, and you are now a Sample Room member! Yay!

Step 2 : Now, you are awarded with 100 points! All you need to do is to carefully ( think hard! ) allot your points into the samples that you really want. My advise to you is to just pick the ones that you are really interested in, because the points are just limited! Choose carefully. Some samples can be as low as 20 points, while some can skyrocket at 100 points, it really depends!

If you really want product A, which costs 100 points, then by all means, use up your points for it! My tip again, is to get only what you want to try and intend to purchase if it works out for you!

Step 3 : Click Checkout. It's time to get those samples! Pay for shipping and handling fee, and get to choose your payment options - via BPI/BDO bank deposits, Gcash, Smart Money or Paypal payments that can let you use your credit card in a secure way. You will be asked to send your proof of payment by email, subject for verification. Once the Sample Room team verifies your payment, just wait a few days, as the samples are on their way to your homes!

Step 4 : The funnest part - receiving the samples, right at your doorstep! I hope that somehow, these samples can brighten a gloomy day, start your day right, or end your day with a smile! Open your package, take a look, and start using those samples! Be observant on what are its effects on your skin. Is it mild enough for your skin? Did you feel comfortable using it? Do you think you would want to keep on using it? Do you like how it works on you? Those are some guide questions that might help for Step # 5.

Step 5 : When you're done, or at least, you have come up with a decision, or an opinion about the sample that you have tried, it's time to speak up! Leave a review and rating on the product listing. Why does Sample Room need that? For one, it is one way of giving the brand feedback from the samples that they have shared with you. Another reason would be, is that Sample Room is all about sharing! Share your reviews and opinions of a product to co-members, so that you would be able to help each other. You could be able to relate to members with the same skin type as yours, validate your opinion, or make you re-try something.

As a way of saying thank you for your support and contribution to Sample Room, you'll get your points back plus some incentive points when you rate and review what you've availed.

Step 6 : With your newly earned points on hand, you get to choose your next sample, and you're off to your next adventure! As the song "Don't Stop Believin" goes, "it goes on and on and on and on..!"

I hope that everyone's enjoying their sampling so far! For comments, feedbacks, or questions to me, kindly email me at [email protected]. You can also leave a comment here anytime!

Cheers to you and to Sample Room! Here's to a great, great sampling adventure for all of you!

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