Cassie’s New Year’s Resolutions for The New Year!

I can't believe the year 2012 belongs to the past already! I mean, it was only a few weeks that we were fussing about if the world were to end on December 21st ( I am now chuckling over those end-of-the-world-movies right now! ), with couples tying the knot on the auspicious year of 2012, and now, we're moving forward to a better and brighter 2013!

I'm excited with what the future is in store for us ( and Sample Room is definitely part of it! ), so let me share with you my New Year's Resolutions for the New Year. I know, lists like these look really ideal and are easier written than done, but hey, this is a great start to be optimistic about the year ahead, with good promises for the good of us, anyway! So here goes my list!
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Sleep early

Yes, watching series late at night is unhealthy, repeat after me. Do it right after dinner, and sleep early! Sleeping early not only helps the body do its self-repair effectively while we're asleep, it also gives our body and mind the well-deserved rest after a hard day at school or work. I am going to be kinder to myself this 2013, and will really try to sleep early to wake up refreshed, and ready to face a bright new day, every single day! I want to say goodbye to haggard days from a late night's sleep!

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Yes, she is my peg.

Exercise and achieve that Alessandra Ambrosio body soon.

Come on, Cassie, haven't you watched enough Victoria's Secret fashion shows? Those models whose bodies are so toned, with beautiful, flat abs are attainable. Look at the people around you. Even normal people can be that fit and have that beautiful body, you can definitely achieve it if you want it bad enough!

As the body ages, metabolism slows. You can't keep on eating and eating and just wish to the sky to be thin forever. You really have to do some work, yknow!

Okay, that was me trying to do a pep talk to myself. It's true that achieving model-esque figures are not unattainable! Don't make that an excuse to be a sloth and not exercise. Efforts to go to the gym, for one, helps you release endorphins, that already must be good enough right? Push yourself to exercise just a little bit more, and get that healthy lifestyle - feel better about yourself, feel more nimble and agile; getting that ideal body of yours will be within a few sit-ups in no time!

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Eat healthy

I will try my very, very, very best to stay away from my favorite junkfood, and try to focus on enjoying fresh produce from now on. I am saying hello to leafy greens, organic food, and will stay away from processed food.

We are what we eat. So...I'm going for healthy stuff, from now on! As Joey Tribbiani from the Friends TV series has said "A moment on the lips, forever on the hips!"
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Be strict in applying sunblock every single day

I can be really quite stubborn when it comes to sunblock. I mean, sunblock is our greatest ally. It protects us from being burnt from the sun's rays ( UVB - B is for burn ) and it also prevents us from aging, and drying up in a prune ( UVA - A is for aging ). As much as it is the most helpful skincare product, I must admit that I sometimes take it for granted. As I am not getting any younger, the call for applying sunblock every single day becomes more pressing and imperative. So I suggest, to my dear readers, to wear sunblock, if you can, every single day of your life. Not only will it prevent your skin from burning from the sun's harmful rays, it also helps keep you youthful. You are also spared with sun spots, and potentially skin cancer in the long run.

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Learn to balance work and play. Improve time management skills.

I admit, I can sometimes be at the workaholic spectrum, and think nothing but work. I sometimes sleep thinking about work, dream about work, and breathe work. Sometimes, i can sense my friends are trying to be supportive, but then, are also sad that I couldn't make time for them. This year, I swear to the high heavens that I am going to be a gymnast! Yes, like a gymnast, to attempt balancing stunts, and that means with me to juggle a healthy work and social life! After all, we only have one life to live, we also need to celebrate life somehow. So, let's do this!

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Save money and fatten up my piggy bank.

Gosh. I can only cringe at my impulsive retail therapy sessions I did over the past year. I usually pour out my emotions by shopping, and buying stuff that I would only regret in the end because I was too impulsive. 2013, I declare, will be my year when I will be able to save up. Yes, save up for my future! Sample Room, is heaven-sent to me ( thanks Sample Room Team for adopting me! ) , which would be a constant reminder, at least, in my beauty shopping, that I will always have an option to TRY first before I go ahead and buy that full-sized beauty product at the mall. I will, I will, and I will definitely have a good amount of savings when the year ends, and even beyond!

Whew. That was a bit of self-scolding, and pep talk! I do hope you were able to get some inspiration from my New Year's Resolution, as I am aspiring to be better, as we always should be - a work in progress! So how about you? Care to share with me your New Year's Resolutions?

Sample Room members, it's been a lovely year. Thank you for a wonderful 2012. It was truly amazing! We've only just begun. Here's to more great samples, more blog entries from me, and a happy community here in Sample Room this 2013 and beyond! Cheers!

I love you all, and happy new year! XoXo, Cassie

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