Editor’s Pick for January: Lab Series Skincare Simplified Starter Kit

I think I'm a sociable person. I think I'm a friendly gal. To girls, yes, they see me as their big sister with all my skin care, makeup advice, and even overall diagnosis on what needs to be shaded - the eyebrows, the cheeks, or whatever! To guys, well, can I also extend my love for beauty to them?


I mean, I just can't help it whenever I am with guy friends, or even out on a date. I just NEED to inject the topic of skin care. I feel that it's a mission to educate everyone about skin care. I believe, that not only women, have the privilege of skin care. Men should take care of their skin too! But of course, you need to inject this topic gently. No pushing, no assertion. Men need to see it in a guy's light. In such a way that taking care of their skin does not make them vain, or much like girls, right? :)

Skin is skin, and it does not discriminate whether it is male or female! We all need to take care of our skin, indulge in the cleanse, tone and moisturize routine, and apply sunblock religiously!

With this, we, women should also teach the men of our lives the proper way of taking care of their skin. Men listen to women's advice when it comes to skincare. So let us use this power (hahahah) and help them be more caring with their skin!

Sample Room would like to dedicate this new year's Editor's Pick for the men of our lives- giving more love to men's skincare by giving it more importance and credit. With this, Sample Room has partnered with Lab Series, a luxury skin care brand made specifically for men - yes, just for men. Not unisex, but for men ONLY.

Lab Series has come up with men's skin care in such a way that they are formulated for men, targeting their specific areas of concern. There are specific products for basic skin care, to targeted concerns such as sun care, acne, or even anti-aging.

Sample Room has tied up with Lab Series to give you guys a dose of simplified skincare. Yes, emphasis on the word simplified, so nothing really complicated and I assure you that this does not require much effort. We give you, the Lab Series 5-Day Skincare Simplified Starter Kit.

At first look, the packaging is very minimalist, the logo very simple, and the hues involved in the product design are very masculine. This definitely won't chase away men, and mistake this for women's skin care, for sure! No imagining boudoirs and powder rooms, just straightforward showers and a skincare cabinet, eh? That's more like it, boys!

The Lab Series 5-Day Skincare Simplified Starter Kit contains three products, essential to every man's skincare routine :

1. Lab Series Multi-Action Face Wash


The first step in skincare is cleansing. At first inspection, what I noticed was the lack of strong fragrance that is usually appreciated by women. There was almost no fragrance in it. It looks like your typical facial wash, but when lathered on the skin, there are actually micro-beads for exfoliation. It earns its name "Multi-action" as it is a cleanser, and exfoliant in one! Skin is effectively cleansed, and is softer, and smoother because of this!

Definitely a great way to start the day- with refreshingly clean skin! And to end the day, saying goodbye to all the sweat, dirt, and oil accumulated on the skin.

2. Lab Series Water Lotion

After cleansing, the next step would be to tone the skin as there would still be some dirt and oil left behind. Toners are great for oily skin, as they help remove excess oil and dirt from the skin. It is also great for dry skin, as it is soothing and calming on the skin. The Lab Series Water Lotion really feels like water on the skin ( no alcohol content! ). As you apply some product on the cotton ball ( not too much! ), it would not only remove the remaining oil/dirt on your skin, but it would also add a layer of hydration that'll make your skin softer.

3. Lab Series Age Rescue Face Lotion

The last step in this three-step skin care system is moisturizing. Using moisturizers will not only make your skin soft, but also keep your skin young, supple and well-hydrated. You wouldn't want your face to look dry, stressed and old, right?

Guys will definitely love this product...

First, this is water-based. Second, it felt like liquid gel on the skin. Third, it gets absorbed quickly. Coast is clear, no greasy feeling on the skin afterwards! This is a winner!

This will not be an "obligatory torture" for men as it really feels good on the skin, and as men do not know, this innocent step will help them in so much ways! Let me name them - skin is hydrated, softer, more supple, and younger-looking; and the signs of aging are addressed and prevented, such as wrinkles, and fine lines! Oh, this is such a promising product!

How would I say that this brand is good? It's because the love of my life uses it - my dad! He's been really cooperative with anti-aging skin care- uses, swears and loves Lab Series products! His skin's never been better!

So for girls out there who love your men, take some time to educate them about caring for their skin as the results afterwards can go a long long way...

For men who are curious about skin care and what you need to do, take your chance and get this three-set sample from Sample Room! Use it religiously, and I promise you that life will never be the same, as you get into a whole new routine to start, and end your day!

In my heart, I know that guys NEED their skin care, their own skincare. No sharing with the girls. Lab Series is definitely the answer, a brand that knows men's skincare by heart. This 3-pc Simplified Starter Kit is a great indulgence, an extra effort to take care of yourself, gorgeous men! Impress your girl with your softer, smoother, and forever young skin, and she'll love you, just for that. Take my word for it! ❤

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