Editor’s Pick III January 2013: Moringa-O2 Malunggay Herbal Lotion

Having a trusty body lotion is a need, just as having soft, smooth, baby-like skin is. Girls, don't you think it's our secret weapon? *wink*

Just look at this scenario - you've never used body lotion in your entire life, and yet you just keep on using soap, showering everyday. Oh, I can only imagine your skin! You need it!

I really love lotions, but with a premise. I love lotions that are not too rich, and not greasy on the skin. We do have a tropical climate over here, and we need something really light, but something that works!

I am just so happy to have found Moringa O2 Malunggay Herbal Moisturizing Lotion, as it fits the bill! From the makers of your favorite Gluta-C brand ( I've been reading your reviews here at Sample Room, and it seems to be a hit! ), Moringa-O2 is one of the company's skin care brands. This brand is unique in its own way, as much as what the benefits of Moringa or locally called malunggay offers.

Malunggay, on a personal note, is one of my favorite vegetables. I've been having malunggay soup for days now, and I feel really healthy! ( think spinach soup, substitute it with malunggay leaves ). As it works wonders on the insides of our body, it definitely promises benefits for our skin.

Did you know? That Moringa/Malunggay is filled with antioxidants and multivitamins? Star ingredients in this product include Moringa ( Malunggay ), Omega ( Sunflower Oil ) , and Olives. These three are nature's finest antioxidants, and anti-aging ingredients. The promise is not only soft, and smooth skin, but well-protected skin from the harmful effects of the environment ( free radicals ), and young-looking, beautiful skin! Wouldn't we all want that?

Upon reading the back label of the lotion, I was able to read these benefits :
* Deeply nourishes and moisturizes dry skin * Smoothens and softens dry and scaly skin * Stimulates cell regeneration and skin renewal * Improves skin elasticity, suppleness * Helps slow down signs of aging * May help relieve itch * Skin lightening * UVA/UVB Protection * Quick absorption and non-greasy

For Php 129.75 for 125 ml, I was pretty sold to the idea of this lotion; not only was it really affordable, it promised a lot of benefits to my skin. I think that it's just a small price to pay, and I get to enjoy beautiful skin with such price tag. I was quite doubtful, but just my memory of how Gluta-C made my elbows fairer in a span of two weeks ( I swear! just pair it with body scrub and you'll be so happy with the results! ) made me hope the same effect for me with the Moringa Herbal Lotion.

The consistency of Moringa O2 Malunggay Herbal Moisturizing Lotion is really light. Not too rich, and not too watery, just right-light. It feels cool on the skin when applied, and the lotion is easily absorbed by the skin. It's actually refreshing to apply this after taking a shower, or just before bedtime as it's soothing to the skin! My skin feels really soft with this one. As for the youthful skin claims, I have still yet to prove it until I grow older, right? But well-hydrated skin is younger skin. Dry, scaly, tight skin has always been associated with older skin, so let's all try to veer away from that, shall we?

Last, but not the least, is the major deal breaker for me for lotions, aside from its consistency - the fragrance. Oh boy. If you're into green tea perfumes and clean scents, you will worship this baby. The scent is reminiscent of an expensive, designer green tea perfume. Take a guess? Do let me know in your respective reviews, okay?

To sum this up, I'm in love! I've been telling everyone about this lotion for weeks already, and taking my bottle with me inside my bag to tell my friends about it. It's such a great thing that Sample Room has this up for grabs to share with you the beautiful product that it is! Thank you, Sample Room!

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