Makeup Tips For Asian Eyes

It is funny how I used to browse through glossies after glossies and wish I have a certain eye shape I could never have!

I know a lot of girls choose the path of going under the knife but personally speaking, I am at peace with my eye shape at this point of my life! Thanks to makeup, I am now armed with tips and tricks on how to enhance my Asian eyes.

Fix your eyebrows!

A very simple step of trimming your brows and removing stray hairs can make your eyes more noticeable as it gives an illusion of bigger lid space!

Well-shaped and well-defined eyebrows frame the face and give the illusion of bigger eyelid space.
Use an eye shadow primer

Eye primer is very important in any eye shadow application especially if you have Asian eyes. The primer will keep your shadow from transferring, creasing and fading for the whole day thus keeping your “hard work” on creating bigger-looking eyes intact until makeup removal.

Creating a fake crease

Creating a fake crease is the easiest way to fake the Asian-looking eyes. Keep in mind to do this in a very subtle way as an obvious fake crease doesn’t look good in person!

a very subtle shading technique to fake a crease

For a more natural fake-crease, apply a matte eye shadow that’s 2-3 shades darker than your skin onto the crease. Proceed by applying a lighter colored eye shadow under the brow bone and for added definition, add a dark eye shadow on the outer v.

Apply cream colored liner on the waterline to create bigger looking eyes.

Some may choose white while others may choose beige; it all depends on your preference. Doing this step will help make tired eyes appear larger and awake!

white on the waterline "extends" your eyes, thus, making them look bigger!
Do a simple smoky eye makeup.

A one shade smoky eye makeup with transition of dark near the lash line going lighter creates an illusion of bigger looking eyes. Keep in mind that blending is the key to perfect smoky eyes!

Apply eyeliner correctly

The right eyeliner application will draw attention and open your eyes. Using a liquid, pencil or cream based eye liner; draw a thin line close to your upper lash line extending the end of the line slightly past the outside corner. If you choose to apply eyeliner on the lower lash line, choose to smudge with a similar shade eye shadow or use a dark eye shadow to prevent making your eyes appear smaller.

if you do your eyelining correctly, you will have bigger eyes.
Curl your lashes and apply coats of mascara!

Curling the lashes will always create bigger looking eyes! Use mascara that doesn’t weigh the curl of the lashes down and always start application from root to tip.

Don’t forget the false lashes!

Especially when you know you will be photographed a lot! For non-existent lashes like mine, applying false lashes that you’re comfortable with will always create bigger looking eyes on and off camera!

false eyelashes are extremely photogenic and will give you bigger beautiful eyes on photos!

At the end of the day, it takes loads of practice to master your eyes so don’t feel threatened! Experimenting with makeup is the key to create the best look that suits you! Don’t be scared of making mistakes as it is just makeup, you can easily remove them!

Written by Sample Room Partner Blogger Nikki of Askmewhats. Read more about her cheerful product reviews, and musings and portfolio of her as a makeup artist at her blog!

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