Mir & Ryvi Skin Lightening Papaya Soap

Mir & Ryvi Skin Lightening Papaya Soap with Mulberry Extract Exposure to UV radiation and other pollutants can make skin dull and dark. Our skin lightening bar naturally helps make a fairer skin. Papaya enzymes work as exfoliator. Our mulberry extract, sourced from the Jeju Island, has been clinically proven effective in inhibiting the tyrosinase activity on the skin. Tyrosinase activity is responsible for melanin production that, in turn, darkness skin. The mulberry extract is highly potent yet very gentle. Our soap naturally makes skin fairer without the side effect of hydroquinone.

Good for normal to oily skin. It is generally safe to everybody especially to those who are sensitive to chemically-laden soap. This is your natural alternative to hydroquinone.

Organic Papaya * Natural exfoliator * Rich in skin vitamins such as A, E and C * Age-old skin practice in the Philippines in lightening one's skin Mulberry Extract * Clinically proven effective in inhibiting the production of melanin * Effective for natural treatment of hyper pigmentation * Non-irritant Vitamin B3 * Proven effective in skin lightening Combination of Vitamin E and other essential oils * skin moisturizer * Supports the skin renewal, leaving healthy skin inside and out * Helps in achieving glowing skin Full Size: 140 g Price: PHP 250 Available at: All branches of Beauty Bar and online shop of Beauty Bar Social Media: Facebook: www.facebook.com/mirandryvi Twitter: https://twitter.com/mirandryvi Website: http://www.mirandryvi.com/ Grab your papaya soap sample here!

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