Sample Room Blog Commenter Of The Month Award

I love this blog. I really do. This is a place wherein we put in all the exhausted details of the products that Sample Room has available, it's also a place where I can just say anything I want, share my views about products, and just have fun speaking out, and expressing myself!

Now, it's not only about me. Our awesome bunch of Sample Room Partner Bloggers, whose profiles are so diverse and interesting, have come together to express themselves, and give you beauty tips, lists, must-dos, and answer your questions here at the Sample Room Blog! We're one big happy family here, and I can't believe I have thirteen beautiful sisters. Sigh! Aren't they a pretty bunch?

Now that everything is almost complete and I couldn't be happier with the direction of the Sample Room Blog, I want YOU. Yes, you! I want you to share your thoughts, tell me what you think about our write-ups through your helpful and insightful comments. It would be really great to hear from you! I promise you that it would brighten up my day with a whole community of Sample Room members, Partner Bloggers, and our Team! We're one big happy family! :)

So, how about starting this fun interaction with a contest? Yes, let's have a Commenter of the Month contest alright? Please use the nickname that you use as your Sample Room account, and it doesn't actually have to be the quantity of comments that would count. It would depend on the quality of the comment. I want quality, insightful, and really helpful comments. I want the Sample Room Blog to be enriched with beautiful thoughts of such beautiful people as you! You can comment in any blog post we have in the Sample Room Blog, whether our earlier entries or the next new ones. :)

Now, let's begin! We're starting with the Commenter of the Month for January, who will get a very, very special gift pack from us. So special, not everyone can have this! *winkwink* So, happy reading, and commenting on our Sample Room Blog!

Hugs and Kisses, Cassie

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