Editor’s Pick February 2013: Pevonia Botanica Exfoliating Cleanser

Exfoliation. Exfoliation. Repeat after me.

Exfoliation is one of the most important routines that you need to remember, and incorporate in your skincare. No exceptions. Nope, no one is exempted from this rule! Listen to me, and you'll thank me one day. Or even sooner.

Did you know, that the surface of your facial skin ( and all the skin all over our body ) is made up of dead skin cells? Yes, the surface of it. The new skin is constantly produced underneath that, and the topmost surface is composed of dead skin cells. Skin cells die almost instantaneously as it's their turn to "go up the surface", upon being exposed to the sun, and the world. That's really fine, and a fact of life. Nothing to worry about.

When dead skin cells bunch up, here's what happens : * Too much layers of dead skin cells make your skin tone really dull. Your glow's gone. * Too much layers of dead skin cells outline your pores and make them look even more pronounced. * Dead skin cells, when mixed with bacteria and oil ( for acne-prone and oily skin ) can cause acne

Dead skin cells on our skin need to be sloughed off once in a while to make way for new skin, to keep skin looking fresh, new, and prevent it from causing skin problems. The answer to this would be exfoliating our skin, or scrubbing off those dead skin cells, to reveal new skin. Ever wonder how your pores look finer after a Diamond Peel? Well that's a stronger version of exfoliation, medical grade.

Pevonia Botanica is one of those intriguing luxury spa brands in the market. The first time I've heard about it was from a fellow beauty blogger that loved spas and told me that their products were really good, specially the cleansers. Pevonia Botanica is only being sold in luxury spas all over the Metro, and even outside Metro Manila, such as the luxurious Peacock Garden Resort in Bohol. Aside from skin care products, Pevonia Botanica prides itself with luxurious spa treatments, such as body scrubs, facials, and even more.

Pevonia Botanica Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser is much, much more than just a facial scrub. I think it's a notch more powerful than a regular scrub, as the exfoliating granules are finer, and can do powerful exfoliating. Exfoliating granules are blended into a creamy cleanser that smells like rose, one of my favorite nature scents in the whole wide world!

To use, wet the skin, and squeeze some product on to your palm, and gently scrub your face with this. Do take note that you only scrub according to your tolerance level - don't scrub too hard if you think that it would hurt you. My chosen "level" would have to be mild exfoliating as the beads can do their work with my gentle strokes, and the smell of rose just fills my senses and just relaxes me with this experience. Oh, I do love products that smell like nature. They just make me feel at ease, and all relaxed, making me forget my worries for the day!

After scrubbing, wash it off, and you're off to a new skin start! Whenever I use this product, I just feel that my skin's squeaky clean, but still feeling soft and not tight, because of the creamy cleanser that the Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser has. My skin looks more bright and radiant after using this, as my skin is all brand new again. This important step prevents me from breaking out, and helps make my pores look refined. This is to be done twice, or maximum, thrice a week. No more than that!

Some of the things I like about this product, in particular, is that it's very gentle, and it doesn't irritate the skin. The creamy base is also not greasy on the skin, feels really comfortable right after cleansing, and is very hypoallergenic. I think it's such a genius blend of a gentle exfoliator, and a cream-based cleanser. I have encountered facial scrubs in the past that left my skin well-exfoliated, but dry. This one's quite a brilliant blend that it immediately comforts your skin with its creamy cleanser that doesn't leave the skin dry and tight after exfoliating the skin. For a luxury spa brand, I'm impressed with this product. I'm motivated to check out Pevonia Botanica's other products and explore more about the line!

I highly recommend Pevonia Botanica's Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser for people who have normal and dry skin - make it a habit to reveal new and bright skin every single time! For mature skin- use gently and reveal brighter, younger skin. For oily and blemish-prone skinned people, this would really help in acne prevention, and pore refinement!

Happy exfoliating! :)

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