Editor’s Pick II for February : Shiseido White Lucent Spot Targeting Serum + and Power Brightening Mask

I think that one of the most pressing skin problems nowadays would be hyperpigmentation, or dark spots. They’re those dark spots that come out of the skin out of the blue, and it’s just really difficult to have them go away. Do you feel the same way? I know, a lot of our Sample Room members do!

To enlighten you further, dark spots, or hyperpigmentation is caused by the production of melanin. Actually, the darker our skin is, the more melanin we have ( provided it is distributed evenly, I guess that is alright ) . The problem lies, when melanin is only formed in one concentrated area, that results in a “dark spot.” Melanin is actually that is secreted when the skin is inflamed. Common causes of hyperpigmentation are by genetics, sun damage, and irritation from acne. Melanin is secreted when the skin is inflamed ( a reaction of the skin when the skin is hurt ) , as the skin’s way of saying “it’s too much!” and providing an extra barrier against more damage.

Luxury Japanese skin care brand Shiseido, backed up by science and research, introduces to us a breakthrough in whitening technology that might be the best solution to melanin-caused dark spots and pigmentation. Shiseido introduces The Ultimate Whitening Pair, the powerful combination of Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum + and Power Brightening Mask.

Before I proceed, let me express that whitening does not necessarily mean a change of complexion color, but in this context, it is more of having uneven skin brought about by pigmentation that is addressed. These products are also meant to brighten the skin.
this is how it works.
The key terms? Crush and eject.
CRUSH dark spots with Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum+

The Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum+ contains Melanocrush Energizer and Multi-Target Vitamin C, that makes it a really powerful serum that crushes existing melanin. This serum alone deconstructs skin spots and makes the skin look more even.

EJECT dark spots from your skin forever with Shiseido Power Brightening Mask

Inspired by ion technology, Ion Force Complex promotes the effective penetration of the whitening ingredient 4MSK deep into the skin. 4MSK, on the other hand, helps remove melanin trapped underneath the skin ( that are deconstructed already ) and Ion Fore Complex works to slough off surface cells that contain melanin.

Usage Instructions/Experience There were three people who roadtested these two products for me, with their respective profiles : Jayne, who is 27 years old, who has freckles and some sun-induced dark spots and post-acne marks. Joyce, who is 53 years old who has dark spots from being exposed to the sun, as well as age spots.

And me, Cassie, a late 20s gal ( hahaha! Not saying! ), who doesn't have much dark spots to begin with, but have been staying up pretty late for the past few months for work. Thus, my skin is dull a bit lacking glow. I would then first share my two road-test subjects' results, alright?

I will report these two results, after sharing my personal experience in using The Ultimate Pair.

For usage, apply two pumps of serum and spread on the face, after washing and toning ( or using softeners, as Shiseido has “softeners” instead of toners ). Moisturizer can be applied after. Use daily, morning, and night time.

Applying the Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum + on my face was the most comfortable feeling I’ve ever experienced with a serum. It felt like water on my skin that my skin absorbed it rather quickly, as it quenched my skin’s thirst for hydration. For those who have oily skin, having this serum might prove enough and not need a moisturizer, but for those who have dry skin might need something extra, still. No greasy feeling, just a really comfortable feeling of a serum that feels non-intrusive to any skin care regimen.

I’ve been applying this to start my day, and before I go to sleep for the past three weeks. I’ve also been using the Power Brightening Mask every end of the week to “eject” the melanin that has been “crushed” by the serum.

The Shiseido White Lucent Power Brightening Mask, as you open the pack, is drenched in a really, powerful concentrate that is equivalent to one whole bottle of Shiseido’s White Lucent Spot Targeting Serum+. Yep, Shiseido’s masks are really out of the ordinary, as they boost the skin’s condition in ten minutes. In other Asian countries, masks are really popular, and frequently used during special occasions, or just any lazy weekend because masks contain really potent concentrations of skin-improving ingredients that prime the skin to its best condition, and the beautiful skin means beautiful makeup application. You can never get away with bad skin, and you certainly cannot hide in makeup forever, because it shows, even with the best makeup product around!

Using the Power Brightening Mask was easy, as the mask can fit just about any face shape, as it is stretchable. It also stays on the skin, and does not slip off. As I leave the mask on my face ( and maybe doze off for around ten to fifteen minutes, ), it just feels so relaxing because of the cooling, tingly feeling that the mask does to my skin. I hardly notice the time or even extend a little longer because I don’t mind the wonderful feeling on my skin, and when it’s time to remove it, I lightly use my hands to spread the mask concentrate on my skin as it gets absorbed, and even squeeze off excess concentrate from the mask and apply it on my arms. This is really potent, skin-boosting stuff, and I am determined to make the most out of it! The after-feel of the mask is just quite refreshing, and my skin feels really soft using this. My skin also has that instant radiance, and brightness. This would be perfect prior to makeup application, as skin will be in its best state, and believe it or not, the glow would really show thru even with liquid foundation application. Yep, good skin can really show even if you have makeup on!

As I have really oily skin, and my skin is “reflective,” I don’t have much problem with dark spots. I would just have really dull skin all over my face as I don’t get enough sleep and I’m always stressed with work. Using these two star products from the Shiseido White Lucent line really helped in refining my complexion – my skin got fairer in three weeks, and there was this raw glow on my face whenever I wake up, and noticeable all throughout the day. Even some of my friends told me that they could not pinpoint what was different with me, and one of my friend told me that my skin was finer overall. I’m loving using these two products, and I intend to finish the bottle, and even re-purchase as it helps make my skin look so good!

On the other hand, with Jayne and Joyce’s experience, they have experienced significant changes in their skin as early as three weeks. Here are some photos as proof :
Jayne's freckles, and pigmentations from sun damage have been lightened! Look at it! Give it three months, and I think they will really really lighten until they become unnoticeable!

Joyce, who has spent her life doing field work, and alot of time under the sun, has pigmentation on even a bigger area. I don't need to describe this - but take a look at her before and after. Take note that this is just a three-week roadtest. I am more optimistic that her skin would be even more supple, radiant, and with age spots significantly lightened in a span of months! Aside from dark spots being slowly erased on her skin, her skin's condition looks way better than three weeks ago - it is more supple, soft, and smooth, right?

I do think that they are more than game to continue using the two products to progressively lighten their dark spots even more given the three-week results, and I’m excited to see results three months from now. If three weeks seemed promising, what more with continued use?

Overall, we’re all pretty pleased with the Shiseido White Lucent Spot Targeting Serum + and Power Brightening Mask. For its price, it is definitely worth it as the results are very, very evident. If you must know me, I’m willing to spend on luxury skin care if it works, and if it is backed up by scientific claims. In this case, Shiseido is one of the most trusted brands in skincare that has a cult following all over the world, reaping the benefits of good skin one day at a time!

Grab a sample of this Ultimate Pair for spotless, bright skin at Sample Room today, and join our Shiseido White Lucent Sample Room White Lucent Challenge and get a chance to win the Shiseido Spot Targeting Serum+ at full size!

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