Editor’s Pick for March : C-Lium Fibre

When I was younger, I was reckless enough not to mind my diet. I only ate meat; I loved fried food, and neglected my vegetables. I could almost remember my dad scolding me when he saw my blood test results – the bad cholesterol! Ahhh. I loved eating chicharon (pork rind) and binged on it before! I didn’t care because my metabolism was very fast – I still had that bikini body flat stomach, and no trace of what I eat reflected on my physique. I knew that I was pushing it.

A few years wiser after, I knew my body needed that proper care or I’ll regret it forever. As my parents always say, “Health is Wealth”. I started trying to eat vegetables, eating in moderation certain not-so-good food, and minding my figure. Perhaps it was one of my lucky days when I was finally convinced by my sister to try something in that yellow jar that she’d whip up before mealtime – she was calling it C-Lium.

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What is C-Lium?

C-Lium, a food supplement, is Psyllium Husk, from the plant Plantago Ovata. It’s a medicinal herb that’s dubbed as the mother of all fibres, claiming to have 14 times more soluble fibre than oatmeal or cereal. It’s a wonder herb that helps our body in so much ways!

Let me list down the benefits of C-Lium : Adds fiber to your diet and daily needs.

Did you know that a recommended intake of 20-35 grams of fiber each day is imperative; that way, we prevent such problems like obesity, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and even constipation. As we can’t try to measure everything or religiously plan our meals, admittedly, we miss out on some days.

One sachet of C-lium is equivalent to 5g servings of fibre. That’s a good bulk of fibre already in our system. Add up with other fiber-rich foods such as fruits, vegetables, cereals, oatmeal, and even brown rice, and we’re good to go with a well-maintained healthy body!

Helps maintain healthy cholesterol for a good heart.

Clium, being a soluble kind of fibre can help lower cholesterol, specially the LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. Studies have also shown that having a water-soluble fiber-rich diet can maintain low triglyceride levels. That way, it keeps the heart healthy!

Helps lose weight. C-lium, when taken at least 30 minutes before mealtime, will make you feel full, and will reduce hunger cravings.

I always take my glass of C-Lium 30 minutes before meal, and follow it with a tall glass of water. I don’t eat as much during lunch, as I feel somewhat full from my C-Lium intake. I don’t also get hunger pangs within the day. That’s a really good sign!

Helps control diabetes.

C-Lium has anti-inflammatory properties, and as per my research, Psyllium Husk has been used by many to control blood sugar levels. No harm in trying this, for this purpose, I believe.

Helps regularize bowel movement and prevent constipation.

This is the MAIN benefit and good feature about C-Lium. What I love about C-Lium is that ever since I have been regularly taking it, my bowel movements have also been regular. No exceptions, regular means everyday! Don’t you agree that it’s such a stress-inducer when you don’t get to have your “bowel time” at the start of every day, or at such regular time? I know, it stresses me out when I’m out of town, or out of the country – my “bowel time” is usually upset; and I try and try to have one before the day ends, and sometimes, it just doesn’t happen! Now, C-Lium is just so indispensable to me that I bring C-Lium capsules with me whenever I travel. I’m leaving the stress behind! Hahaha!

How To Drink C-Lium?


C-Lium is being sold in two forms – in actual ground husk form, and in capsules. Clium in its exact natural state is to be mixed with a glass of water – throw in all the contents of one sachet, or use the cap of its yellow bottle packaging to gauge how much you’ll put in a glass. Add orange juice powder if you wish to add some taste into it, like I do. Mix immediately, and drink immediately! It would actually jelli-fy if you mix and leave it too long. My sister actually loves mixing C-Lium to Minute Maid, making her forget that she has C-Lium in her drink. After drinking the glass of C-Lium, it is important to drink another tall glass of water to follow.

For those who would prefer another method than having a “texture-filled” drink can opt for capsules. Take 5 capsules 30 minutes before mealtime (for lunch and dinner). Follow, still, with a tall glass of water. Drink plenty of water all day!

As for when you should take C-Lium, it should be 30 minutes before meals, twice a day. You can try to drink it once a day to see initial effects.

While this is a food supplement, and has no therapeutic claims, my body feels great taking C-Lium every single day. I feel that whenever I would eat unhealthy food (though I really try to avoid it now), the excess fats are flushed off by C-Lium. With a regular C-Lium intake, my body feels light, and I feel just really great and healthy.

Now, it’s your turn to try. Want that sexy body, and a healthy disposition in time for summer? Go grab a C-Lium sample, it’s on us!

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