Editor’s Pick for April: Nivea Body UV Whitening Serum SPF 25

I know a LOT of stubborn people. I really do. I see them brave the sun, whether it be a cloudy day, or a glaringly sunny day without thinking of even applying sunblock, at least on the face. The end result would always be some of them asking me for advice for their sun spots, or premature wrinkling.

Friends, Romans ( Filipinos in this case! Yay! ), and countrymen, sun protection products can save your life. It can help you stay a little bit younger by preventing sun spots on your face. It can help your skin be young for a bit longer by not turning it into a prune as it gets exposed to the harsh rays of the sun. Remember, the sun is your enemy in two ways - it burns your skin ( the more painful one ), and it ages your skin ( think of prunes, and raisins. I say it's an oh-no to me. ) Thus, I've been the evangelist of UVA and UVB properties of sun protection products. Aside from those superficial factors, you also need sun protection products to prevent sun cancer, in the long run. Now that doesn't sound pretty at all.

So I know ALOT of stubborn people who don't bother applying sunblock at least in their faces, but I also know alot of vigilant people who take the effort in applying daily sunblock. They do it by applying their favorite facial moisturizer with sunblock, BB Creams or liquid foundations with the much needed SPF, and their facial sunblock. But then, they neglect the body. How about those arms? Legs? Hands? Feet? They're also prone to the harmful effects of the sun. They can burn, and they can wrinkle up too! But I totally understand that it's such a hassle to apply sun block all over the body. It's such an effort, and most sunblock products are not exactly light in texture.

With this, Nivea comes up with a wonder product called Nivea UV Body Whitening Serum SPF 25. This is a sun protection product with ample sun protection already ( SPF 25 ) , packed with UVA and UVB protection ( against Aging - that's the A and Burning - that's the B ), and also some whitening benefits found in licorice, and brightening ingredient and powerful antioxidant Vitamin C found in Camu Camu.

I put this on a roadtest to see if it would feel comfortable on my skin to convince me to adapt a regimen in carefully applying sun block on my face, and on my body. First, I would have to commend on the texture. It's watery - it's not thick, or creamy. That's good enough for tropical climates like ours and very hot summer days like these. Sometimes, when I put some cream-based moisturizer on my face, it gets absorbed really easily, so this would feel almost like nothing at all, and so it felt that way to me for the entire day! And it doesn't stop there. Aside from it being light and easy on the senses, it also happens to have my favorite Hydra IQ, the ingredient/technology behind my favorite Nivea Express Hydration Body Lotion that really makes skin soft and supple. It's a win-win situation here, being that it feels really light on the skin, and you get good hydrated skin as well!

As for the smell, I'm totally neutral with it because there's nothing too strong about it. I believe it would be neutral enough for alot of people!

Now, aside from encouraging everyone to apply sunblock on the face, I am now inviting everyone to take that diligent sacrifice and try to extend your sunblock application to your neck, arms, legs, hands, and even feet for everydays. Nivea Body UV Whitening Serum already did you a favor by being so light, and non-annoying to the senses. Just take some time to apply, and your skin will be in good hands! Trust me, if you do this, you just might thank yourself in ten years or so for making that effort!


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