Editor’s Pick II for April: Cure Natural Aqua Gel

It's about time that CURE Aqua Gel reached Philippines shores.

Years ago, while I was in Singapore, I chanced upon samples of Cure Aqua Gel that can be sent by mail to interested locals. Good thing that my friend was living there, so she requested the samples, and shared with me some. Cure Aqua Gel is a wonder exfoliant from Japan, that has been a hit bestseller in its own country, selling 1 bottle every twelve seconds.

What's so special about Cure?

Well, for one, it's an exfoliant, but does not have beads. How could that be? It promises to slough off your dead skin cells using one major ingredient - water. Yes, it is made up of 90% hydrolized water. No beads, no scrubs, just water. Almost miraculous!

Why do you need to exfoliate?

Without exfoliating our skin, we just let dead skin cells bunch up on our skin day by day. It's like stacking our new, fresh, beautiful skin underneath with layers of old ones every single day. Without exfoliating, skin looks really dull, lacking that beautiful glow that young skin has. Skin looks older, wrinkles and pores are more pronounced, and you can even develop blemishes when dead skin cells mix with bacteria and dirt that your skin accumulates during the day. Exfoliation is a really simple routine that needs to be done twice or thrice a week, and it doesn't even take so much time! It only takes a minute or even less to do some exfoliation and your skin is renewed, refreshed, and off for a great new start again!

Why Cure?

Cure is one of the safest, and most hypoallergenic products in the market. It's fragrance-free, mineral oil-free, and preservative free. It is perfect for those who have really sensitive skin.

Aside from Cure's purity, I think that it would be for those who aren't comfortable with scrubs, and find them abrasive. What happens with Cure is that, you pump out some product on to your palm ( make that one to two pumps ), lightly spread the gel all over your towel-dried face ( note : the surface needs to be dry, and not wet, otherwise, it won't work! ) , wait some 5 seconds, and after 5 seconds, lightly massage your face. Little by little, you would find yourself feeling some debris (in the Philippines, we call them *libag*). That's the dead skin cells coming off from your skin! Cure is great in the sense that it removes far more than the regular scrub - about 0.01mm of your dead skin cell layer! After that, a fresh new layer of skin will be revealed - and I'm sure it's not dull-looking!

How to use Cure Aqua Gel

In my personal experience, I truly appreciate the comfort of not using scrubs sometimes ( I'm moody that way! Sometimes I'm ok with scrubbing my skin/body, sometimes, I'm not ), but Cure has that default comfort in which you won't feel any scrubbing on your face or your body part, and yet, you get fresh, new skin every single time you use it! It really spoils the user! This is even great for those who have dry skin. Sometimes, for those who have dry skin, it can be quite painful to scrub, as skin might feel more tight right after. People who have dry skin need ( and let me emphasize this, still really, really need ) to exfoliate, or else their skin would look really old and dry. It also helps their skin to absorb moisturizer even more effectively!

Cure makes my hands less..dry and old-looking. In one use!

As for me, I love it. I've been using it for my face for years, and every single time I use Cure Aqua Gel on my face, my face just looks refreshed, and brighter. Glowing, even. Smoother. Way better every single time. It's done a great deal in preventing pimples/blemishes on my really acne-prone skin because it just removes dead skin cells twice a week. There's almost no room for that bacteria-dead skin cell buildup, that my skin just feels so clean and fresh every single time. I also use on my hands, as I feel that it looks a bit dry and old as I have been neglecting moisturizing my hands as often. Cure is a lifesaver!

Some helpful FAQs should you have questions!

I encourage each one of you to get your 5-day supply CURE samples ( but please, do use them at most twice or thrice a week! ) here on Sample Room, and I shall be waiting for your feedback over at the reviews section!

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