Editor’s Pick for June : Chrome by Azzaro Fragrance

Most men, I believe, and I believe you believe, have quite simple regimens in terms of beauty and well-being. They don't need makeup, they don't need complicated skin care ( although some actually do ), and I think one of the most important items that a man cherishes would be...perfume! I'm sure you're with me that you find it really attractive when a man smells good. Wonder what perfume he's wearing. It is also the best, and safest bet when it comes to gift giving to men! To bosses, friends, husbands, boyfriends, dads! Men love their fragrance and it's only this beauty product that they're willing to collect and collect and wear everyday! For me, I like my fragrances fresh and light. Azzaro Chrome is a classic fragrance that goes far back as 1996 and can be considered a timeless, beautiful scent. For reference and to further let your imagination run wild with how it smells like, check this out :
Chrome by Azzaro is a Citrus Aromatic fragrance for men. Chrome was launched in 1996. Top notes are rosemary, pineapple, neroli, bergamot and lemon; middle notes are cyclamen, coriander, jasmine and oakmoss; base notes are sandalwood, tonka bean, musk, oakmoss, cedar, brazilian rosewood and cardamom. Source : Fragrantica.com   sr_az001_a
Fresh, clean, and citrusy. That is Chrome by Azzaro summed up in three adjectives. This is one of the "versatile" guy scents that I have tried that can be used just about for anywhere, and everywhere. For a stroll at the mall, for a date, or even for formal occasions. For me, this would make a really great everyday scent that just doesn't scream "smell me!" from afar. It just works on its own! The scent is just so clean that It's very pleasant to the nostrils, and I find it really manly but not overpowering. That silent confidence. Romantic at heart. Classic. I love Chrome by Azzaro because it doesn't choose the occasion in which it would impose itself, but rather, it would stay faithful as a scent for all occasions. For me, this fragrance is such a winner that I'm glad my dad has one of this in his collection! Definitely a scent to have and collect. So, who are you giving Chrome by Azzaro to this Father's Day? Your dad, I hope! Haha!

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