Editor’s Pick II for June : Physiogel Intensive Cream

Physiogel has always been that trusted brand. Distributed by dermatologists, and leading drugstores, it is one of those brands that you wouldn't even think twice of not purchasing when recommended products from this brand.

Why, if you ask me? First, it is a brand prescribed by dermatologists. People go to dermatologists because of skin problems - allergies, rashes, and other irregularities/problems of the skin. You name it. Physiogel is that brand targeted for people who have really sensitive, and allergy-prone skin, as their products are formulated without colourants, perfume, and preservatives. They are proven to be non-comedogenic, and that benefits also those who have problems with acne, clogged pores, and cystic acne.

Physiogel has quite an simple, straightforward product line. It has cleansers, and moisturizers. Cleansers fit all skin types because of it being really mild and non-comedogenic, and moisturizer for the face ( non-comedogenic and really mild! ), lotion for the body, and some creams for specific conditions.

Physiogel Intensive Cream is formulated, and made specially for those who have really dry skin, or those who wish to target stubborn, always dry areas like your elbows, knees, and even the heels of your feet. Don't you just get frustrated with expensive lotions that no matter how much you keep on applying to those areas, they just never work?

Physiogel Intensive Cream is different from regular lotions, and moisturizers, because it repairs the skin via its DMS technology, and it also locks moisture on the skin. The claim is that it would lock moisture up to 3 days! It's not just your regular lotion that tries to seal in moisture for the day - the repair function is a great, important point in this product because your skin is healed to a better state, and is moisturized. Quite an optimal solution for problems of the skin, if you ask me!

I was curious to see how it fared on me, so of course, Curious Cassie used Physiogel Intensive Cream for a roadtest! As I am on a wedge-sandals craze lately, my feet have been exposed to the elements, and I felt that my heels were getting drier by the minute, to the point that there were micro-feathering skin already. Not so sexy, and all the more, they are exposed! Not having enough time for a footspa, and even not having enough time to do my lotion application habit during night time, I could feel that my elbows were getting rougher when I touch them. It's just so difficult, and really sad when I get to neglect my routine and my body. So a few nights before, I took a tube of Physiogel Intensive Cream that the Sample Room Team handed to me and try if it does what it says.

I didn't expect this to be smelling of roses or any fruity/floral scent as the product promised no perfume. It rather smelled neutral and straightforward. I squeezed some product and started spreading on my feet ( concentrating on the heels area ) , and leg area, and also applied it on my elbows. I noticed that upon application, it spread rather evenly without any drag, and it didn't feel really thick. It's being "set" on the skin that made me notice how rich it was. After a few seconds, I started inspecting my skin, and just observed how moisturized it immediately softened the area I applied it on. It had a little bit oily feel on top, but it wasn't uncomfortable - that must be part of the promise for repair of the skin! I was excited, and just drifted to sleep.

The next day, I'm about to let you guess what happened to my skin.

Yes, I woke up with really soft, and better skin than before! It wasn't a miracle that I was back to my baby skin state, but the improvement was shocking as my skin was really dry for the past few months, and the softness stayed with me until the morning, and even after I took a shower! The really dry heel on my foot actually improved that it was not as rough anymore, and I can hardly feel it! So, I was more than thrilled to continue this for the next few nights, and see results.

It's been almost a week, and my skin feels better than before! It's really fun to use something that lives up to its promises, and really addresses the problem that you are really frustrated with. I am now enjoying good skin, and even more motivated to apply this every single night, even if I dislike lotions, because I know, I will not be waiting for a long time to see results. I highly recommend this, specially for the cold months ahead ( summer's over! Oh darn. I miss it! but we have some good in the cold! ), when skin would tend to be dry.

Now, I understand why just this month, I had dinner with new friends, who kept on exclaiming how reliable Physiogel was as a brand, even for their husbands and kids! It just does the job, no frills, no fragrances, no marketing, just plain facts, and promises delivered, revealed on your skin!

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