Editor’s Pick for July III- Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipsticks

I'm quite particular about lipsticks. To be totally honest, I can be quite a cosmetics/makeup snob that I truly prefer high end brands over mass brands. I can definitely see and feel the difference on my lips in terms of texture, staying power, and of course, that overall impact!

As I've spent thousands of pesos per lipstick, I just couldn't believe that I have stumbled into a wonderful brand that is surprisingly so affordable! Admittedly, this is one of my favorite lipstick brands in which I really keep the lipsticks as precious as my high-end ones! The brand's Colour Collection, my pretties!

Colour Collection is the makeup brand of direct selling company Tupperware Philippines, which has been there ever since my mom was a Tupperware dealer! ( yes, I used to feast on her brochures, and I am a lucky Tupperware user of really colorful sandwich containers, and beautiful glasses! I've used almost all of them through the years! ). Bea Alonzo is the face of Colour Collection, and aside from her stunning beauty as the company's endorser, Colour Collection is well-loved by beauty bloggers, and celebrities ( like Bianca Valerio! ) for their good quality and affordable price points! Would you believe that their BB Cream is only around 380php? And it is so good.

What I love most about Colour Collection, are their lipsticks. I've always equated lipsticks with low price points as having trade-offs - I always expect them to be drying, to be easily smudged off, and not be too reliable. Colour Collection lipsticks, priced at 350php, are impossibly gorgeous.

Sample Room now brings you Vitamin E Lipsticks by Colour Colection. These are Vitamin E-packed lipsticks that promise you soft, sensuous, and well-hydrated lips! Well then, let me acquaint you with three lipstick shades and formulas that Sample Room was able to offer our darling members to try out!

Colour Collection Vitamin E Matte Lipstick in Kissmark

Oh, when did you ever see a matte lipstick so hydrating, and comfortable to the lips? It's not everyday when you do so! I've experienced matte lipsticks that really try to suck the moisture out of my lips, as I end up with really dry, chapped, and irritated lips ( tight, and painful sometimes. ) Vitamin E and a matte formula for a lipstick is a really, really good idea. A bright, bubblegum pink is quite a playful, and a happy shade that can be worn during a bright mood, as it instantly brightens the face! This interesting shade is a favorite of many pink lipstick lovers out there and name it as one of their more adventurous shades. Very, very pretty, and very, very feminine!

Colour Collection Vitamin E Sheer Lipstick in Pinkish Nude</center>

How can I further explain this formula? Well, it makes lips look so juicy and luscious! My lips look extra plump with this, and I just love this your lips, but better shade! This is so versatile that I can just keep it inside my handbag, and the lipstick shade will match all my outfits, day or night, work, or play! Love, love, love!

Colour Collection Vitamin E Satin Lipstick in Red Wine

The satin formula reminded me of a high end brand with the same formula, and as the formula is described as, this glides in semi-opaquely on the lips - you get more color as you apply more, as this is buildable from sheer to really pigmented color. I love the Red Wine shade, as it is different from the usual reds that I go for. This is not warm, orange, nor does it look cool or blue-toned to me. This seems like a red with an influence of black. A wine shade. Bordeaux. It's a serious red, and a really stunning, and unique shade of red, if you ask me. I find the shade really elegant. Amongst the three colors, this is the one I have the most affinity for because of its unique color, and its classy factor. I can just imagine myself rocking a really simple black dress, simple makeup of foundation and bronzer, and making a statement wearing this lipstick.

I really, really love the Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipsticks! Ask me why, let me enumerate!

* Fantastic Vitamin E on my lips - My lips are well hydrated, moisturized, and still feel comfortable even after a few hours has passed already. * Three awesome formulas - As it depends on my mood, I can go from sheer, to matte, and even satin. * Great color payoff - Color payoff is great! No qualms about it. Shade selections are also really good. * Great staying power - it stays long enough, if I do not eat or drink! When I do, it leaves a stain, so it's all right! Retouch time, then! ( Tip, apply one layer, blot, then apply another one to make lipstick stay on your lips ) * Extremely affordable - for all these wonderful qualities in a lipstick, would 350php seem too much? Of course not!
They all look SO good! There are still other great shades from Colour Collection!

If you would like to check out more shades, and formulas of Color Collection lipsticks ( they really have alot of beautiful shades, I promise! ), befriend your nearest Tupperware dealer, or check here for a list of branches that you can go to and sign up to be a dealer ( or you can sign up and start purchasing there! ) . Who knows, you might be able to earn extra added income by sharing the love of good lipsticks!

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