Love Lipbalms, Addicted to Lipbalms!

Lip balms must be the most popular lip essentials for both men and women. It takes care of our puckers, keep them soft, and all kissable! Beautiful, well-pampered lips definitely make heads turn and make a smile really even more attractive. Aside from that, well-moisturized lips also give that comforting feeling, as dry and chapped lips feel really tight and just uncomfortable. Lip balms are essential specially when there are changes in weather conditions that make the lips dry, and even when sleeping with A/C on.

Swiping a stick of lip balm on your lips seems like a simple, harmless act. However, there are more reasons why we end up applying more lip balm than just dry lips. Did you know that the skin on our lips are drier than most parts of our body? It has no oil glands, so it is definitely prone to dryness!

How about lip balm addiction? Can you relate to the following? If you said yes to three, then, you are a lip balm addict! ·Having this need to apply lip balm more than thrice a day. ·You have more than one lipbalm. ·You keep your lipbalms in different places in the house, or anywhere. ( this is really funny! )

The skin on our lips shed skin faster than the rest of our body, and lip balm application definitely prevents it from shedding naturally, giving way to new skin. If you apply too much lip balm, you are actually preventing your lips to generate new skin and shed off the old ones! Yes, shedding is part of the natural process!

Another reason why we feel the need to apply more lip balm is because of the formula. Yes, lip balm should ideally protect and moisturize your lips. There are some formulations that contain ingredients that will cause us to apply even more lip balm.

Here are some ingredients to avoid when buying lip balm, so better check your labels!

*Petroleum Jelly/Petrolatum – It seems like a tried and tested ingredient because it’s been around for years. It’s also very affordable. The scary thing is, it’s a by-product of gasoline. It just coats the lips, and does not nourish it at all. It can leave your skin drier than before. Thus, the constant need to reapply. The effects are very temporary and can be rubbed off quickly. It’s a non-renewable resource and can cause allergic skin reactions.

*Salicylic Acid – Usually recognized as a skin care ingredient, particularly to treat acne, corns, calluses, and warts. It is used as an exfoliant to remove dry skin. However, it may cause your lips to become dry and the skin starts peeling.

*Phenol /Carbolic Acid– An ingredient found in some skin peels. While our lips need to be exfoliated once in a while, long term use can lead to a never ending cycle of dry, peeling skin. Ergo, the need to reach for lip balm more often. There are other harmful effects due to long term usage, but the peeling lips is more than enough reason to avoid this ingredient.

*Camphor/Menthol/”Medicated” – It gives that cooling, tingling sensation that feels very refreshing. While the ingredient isn’t harmful, it is addicting and can be drying.

*Alcohol – An ingredient that is known to be drying can be found in some lip balms. It is sometimes listed in the ingredient list as OL.

*Flavors/Fragrances – Admittedly, the scent and/or flavor is a major factor in choosing lip balm. However, it can cause our lips to be irritated and sensitive. It’s not a total no-no ingredient, because a lot of people cannot bear unscented lip balms. Just a word of caution.

This is what we should look for in lip balms! *Natural ingredients like, but not limited to beeswax, lanolin, Vitamin E, Aloe, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Jojoba *Natural sunscreen like Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide – Other chemical sunscreens can be irritating to the skin. Some other tips, to help you take care of your lips, from yours truly : * Stop licking your lips – This bad habit appears like a quick way to make your lips moist and feeling hydrated, but really, it makes the lips drier once it dries! * Hydrate with water – Sipping water can provide that cooling sensation you may be looking for in lip balms. * During cold and dry weather, you may use a scarf to protect your lips. * Don’t have to buy the most expensive brand of lip balm – Some upscale brands even contain one or more of the no-no ingredients.

The next time you apply lip balm, check if it contains any of the ingredients to avoid. You might need to change your tube. Your puckers are a feature that is very visible, so it’s best to take care of them. Your lips will sing praises later.

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