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sampleroombloggercircle-logotitle Raych-Ramos

Full Name: Raychel Ann P. Ramos

Blog Url: www.thebeautymove.com

Blog Name: The Beauty Move

Short Description: I'm the girl who's always on the go in discovering everything about beauty. I also take photos of anything that interests me, share my dancing experiences (since I'm a dancer at heart) and lastly share life's simple pleasures.

Favorite Sample Room Product: Moringa-02 Herbal Moisturizing lotion


Full Name: Jessa Roque

Blog Url: www.jesroque.com

Blog Name: MakeUpLove

Short Description: MakeUpLove is an online hub where Jes shares her unbiased thoughts on products, creates looks and makeup tutorials, and features things, places, brands and events that deserve a space in the web. It is a site that was born out of a girl's love for makeup and out of her wants to share everything she learned from her experiences and a chronicle of everyone's journey in exploring the beauty the world has to offer.

Favorite Sample Room product: Celeteque Hydrolyzed Moisturizing Mist. I love that is a spray-on moisturizer which I can use every time my skin feels dry and dehydrated.


Full name: Gemma Paula Rarela

Blog Url: www.rarevanity.net

Blog Name: Vanity and Everythin in Between

Short Description: Vanity and Everything in Between is a blog that caters to not only beauty mavens put there but to every woman out there. What can be seen mostly on my blog are honest and unbiased product reviews. From time to time, I share my travel and food escapades, too.


Full Name: Charlene Frances Ann Lu Tan

Blog Url: www.yellowyum.com

Blog Name: Yellow Yum

Short Description: Yellow Yum is a beauty and lifestyle blog. I am a freelance makeup artist, an entrepreneur, pet lover, foodie, blogger, youtuber and a new mom. I have a lot of interests and my blog represents all of them. I get to talk about all of my ventures, favorite products and my experiences in Yellow Yum. I love the fact that I get to help my readers in one way or another because of my posts and to brighten their day.


Full Name: Ayana Grace Sison

Blog Url: www.codenameaya.com

Blog name: Codename AYA

Short Description: A blog about beauty - make-up, nails, skin care and more.

Favorite Sample Room Product: Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum


Full Name: Donnarence Masilungan

Blog Url: http://www.mylucidintervals.com

Blog Name: My Lucid Intervals

Short Description: The title "My Lucid Intervals" means a phase of mental sanity or a temporary period of rationality. She considered her blog as her lucid moments during her struggle in law school. This blog is still running because of her lovely readers.


Full name: Kristel Ann Cruz

Blog URL: http://krissyfied.com/

Blog Name: I am Krissy

Short Description about Yourself: I have a lot of opinion about everything and I share them as thoroughly, honestly, and tactfully as I can in my reviews. I love reading, writing, and making art, and I believe that when it comes to shoes or tubes of lipstick, one can never have too much.

Favorite product that you got from Sample Room: Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Watermelon because I love how it lends a sheer shimmery color to my lips while keeping it moisturized.


Full Name: Kristel Yap

Blog URL: http://beautybytellie.com

Blog Name: Beauty By Tellie

Short Description about Yourself: I love writing and I love makeup. I love how engaging the online beauty community is. I feel at home talking about makeup and actually being understood when I gripe about how this foundation cracks on me or how this mascara just won’t stick.

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