Editor’s Pick for August IV: Carbtrim Iced Tea Mix in Lemon Flavor

Oh, who doesn't love carbs?

Carbohydrate-rich foods are just what Filipinos want. We love bread ( oh, our pandesals! ) and who can ever forget our staple food in our table, which is rice? I can never live without rice!

Loving carbs tend to be my downfall, as I just cannot help but succumb to the temptation every single time. I was so psyched to learn that there is a carb-blocking drink in the market, called Carbtrim.

Carbtrim's star ingredient must be Phase 2 White Kidney Bean Extract, backed up by 24 published studies that it has been clinically proven to block up to 66% of carbohydrate intake. It reduces the conversion of unwanted carbohydrates to simple sugar, thus, reducing caloric intake by the body. What happens to the blocked carbs? It passes through the body as dietary fiber, and comes off as waste. Took me awhile to understand, but it sounds amazing, right?

Of course, I had to know if it tasted good. It's iced tea, after all! Sample Room has the lemon flavor available right now, so I committed myself to two weeks of drinking this. The instructions say that it should be taken before meals - just mix with a glass of water, and you have instant iced tea!

Can I just say that I love the taste? I love iced tea, and I love lemon iced tea the most. Just imagine me "obligingly" drinking this before meals on my two meals - just before lunch, and dinner. I gladly obliged! I finish one glass of iced tea just before I eat my meals, and by the time I start eating, I find my appetite significantly suppressed - maybe it's because I'm so full from the glass of iced tea. I still proceed to eating half the portion of rice I used to eat, and as I go through the day, I find myself feeling full, and balanced that I don't crave for anything.

There are also moments when I realize that I have developed some aversion to oily food, and foods with fats - I know, this is not the "job description" of Carbtrim, but somehow, if it is psychological, then this is certainly working to my advantage!

For the past two weeks, I've been religiously taking Carbtrim, and it has been growing to be my favorite drink that I have not really given much attention to my favorite powdered drinks at home. If you ask me if I lost weight? I can definitely tell you yes. Yes, because I've been undergoing so much stress lately, and haven't been sleeping regular hours. There are so much factors on losing weight that I don't want to pinpoint it directly with Carbtrim. I will tell you how I feel as I've taken Carbtrim as a carb-blocking drink, so that I can give you a better, more accurate answer - I definitely feel lighter, I crave less and binge eat less ( I attribute that to hunger pangs that I crave for sweets ), I don't like the sight of oily/fatty food, and I feel better. I'm a lucky gal that iced tea does not cause me to palpitate, and this drink does not cause me to gain weight as well because it has zero added sugar and minimum calories ( yes, I'm counting! ). Is it effective? For me, it definitely is! It has changed the way I eat food, and it definitely feels so good drinking this - I feel my body gets rid of unwanted carbs off my body. No need to store them up when they're not needed!

I'm more than determined to continue drinking Carbtrim, and maintaining my weight with it. Now, I am more than happy to be fearless about carbs as I know they will never, ever make me fat!

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