Editor’s Pick for August III: Oracare Merrymint Mouthrinse

Who loves taking care of their teeth, raise your hands! ( You can see me raising my two hands, oh so eagerly! )

I believe in beautiful smiles. Whenever someone smiles, it causes reaction - they get to make the whole world smile with them, they get to spread good vibes to their "smilee", and they get to break some hearts. As much as I love a beautiful smile, I love sincere smiles, that come from the heart, don't you think?

Of course, here comes the issue of oral care. I'm quite particular about my teeth, and my oral care because I want to preserve the health of my teeth for as long as possible - I still want complete, healthy teeth when I am on my 50's! Is that too much to ask?

When you brush your teeth every day, after every meal, somehow, that is still not enough. The brushing will clean your teeth, but what about the plaque buildup on the sides? Floss. But do you have the luxury of flossing everyday? I hope so. But flossing can only do so much - you need some intervention - a mouthwash intervention!

Oh, how I love Oracare Mouthrinse! Why? It does deep cleansing! ( If there is such a thing as facial deep cleansing, then this is the one for the mouth! )

Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) was discovered as an oxidizing agent which results in several beneficial actions such as destroying micro-organism and eliminating odors. It was found to be very effective in keeping the mouth extremely clean. The utilization of Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) to safely oxidize the source of impurities generated in the mouth provides a pure and clean result.

Oracare Mouthrinse in Merrymint comes with a nifty cap that you don't need to use its cap cover to do your mouthwash ritual. Simply fill the transparent cap with Oracare Mouthrinse - it's transparent liquid, by the way, I am not really used to it since most of my mouthwash products are colored. As I started garling with it, I noticed that it did not sting at all! It felt very mild on the mouth, and as 60 seconds were over, I spit it out, and felt my mouth without that usual mouthwash-so-mentholly feeling. It was just a really mild mint feel, that felt really, really clean.

So why steer away from mouthwash products that sing? Because they actually damage the tissues around the mouth. Eep. Okay, I'm more than convinced that I should stay with Oracare Mouthrinse. The sting might make me feel all fresh and menthol-ly, but I'd like to preserve my oral health, thank you! Haha!

I know this is something new - a mouthwash that does not sting, but this really works - I feel really clean with it, and I am a happy convert to Oracare mouth wash! I encourage you to take an extra step towards your oral health with this!

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