How To Mix Your Makeup With Your Clothes

You're in your gorgeous purple dress, but what makeup would go well with it?

This is a common dilemma that a lot of ladies encounter. What's the proper way of matching your makeup with your outfit?

Here are 10 tips to help you out: 1. Do not overdo the matchy-matchy thing. Having the same color of eye shadow, lipstick, accessories, and dress can look like a costume.

2. If you want your makeup to match with the color of your dress, a soft wash of color on the lids is the safest way to do it. Keep it within the same color family, but avoid exact color match. If you're wearing a purple gown, you can go for soft lavender or lilac eye shadow.

3. When wearing printed clothes, pick one or more color/s and use it as your eye makeup or lipstick. I chose turquoise and fuchsia eye shadows and kept my lips nude.

4. Use complementary colors. If you're wearing a brown top, you can wear shades of pink on your eyes with a touch of brown on your crease and outer-v.

5. When wearing neutral colors, add a pop of color on your accessories and your makeup. It's time to bring out your fuschia or orange lipstick! You can either use bright colored lipstick or colorful eye shadows.

matte pink lips for a black and grey outfit -
6. Avoid bright colored lipstick if it matches with your dress. It could work if you have orange skirt and orange lips, but an entire piece of dress in orange, plus an orange lipstick is too much.

7. Think of what you want to focus. You have a new blouse, don't let your makeup compete with the attention. If you want your outfit to stand out, go easy on the makeup. To give more attention to my aztec blazer, I toned down my makeup by using neutrals.

8. Keep the makeup simple if there's too much going on with what you're wearing. In relation to #7, don't let your makeup compete with your outfit. I kept my makeup clean and simple since I was already wearing a printed top and a bright wide-legged pants.

9. If you're in your casual wear, no-makeup makeup look or neutrals is a safe choice. Dramatic, party eyes in your shorts and sneakers will make people wonder where you're going.

10. Introduce a new color to make the look more fun and exciting. This I love doing. I'm not a big fan of matchy-matchy. I'd rather add something new to the look. Don't limit yourself to the colors of your clothes. Instead of using something gold for my eyes, I opted for purple eye shadow.

In reality, there's really no hard rules when it comes to fashion and beauty. But like in anything, just don't overdo it. At the end of the day, wear what makes you feel good. If you have the confidence, it will show and you'll definitely look great!

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