OraCare Mouthrinse (Merrymint)


OraCare Mouthrinse is a mouthwash that contains Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide. Its no-alcohol formulation keeps the mouth’s natural moisture and provides a clean, fresh feeling without the painful burning sensation and sting. It is gentle enough for the mouth’s sensitive and delicate tissues so it can be used as often as needed.

OraCare effectively cleans and freshens the mouth by eliminating the source of strong mouth odors without the sting caused by alcohol and strong flavours present in other mouthwashes. OraCare has four (4) variants: Regular, Cool, Arctic, and Merrymint

OraCare Merrymint

OraCare Mouthrinse Merrymint contains stabilized chlorine dioxide technology that works two ways:

a.      Gets rid of bad bacteria causing plaque build-up, gum disease and tooth decay

b.      Neutralizes volatile sulfur compounds or also called as the waste material of the bacteria – the true sources of strong mouth odors.

OraCare’s no alcohol formulation lets you gargle and experience real clean, fresh feeling without the painful burning sensation and sting, in a refreshing spearmint flavor!

Full Sizes: 80mL/ 250mL/ 500 mL Price: PHP 57.20/ PHP 156.20/ PHP 278.00

Available at:

SUPERMARKETS  Puregold  Landmark  Rustans  Shopwise  Robinsons Supermarket  Makati Supermart  CSI Supermarket  South Supermarket  Cash and Carry  Isetann Supermarket  Unimart  Hi-Top Supermarket  Pioneer Centre  Shoppersville  Crossings Supermarket  Cherry Foodarama  LCC DRUGSTORES  Mercury Drug  Watsons  Carlos Superdrug  St. Joseph Drugstore  We Care Drug

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