Inti-Mate Bra Converter

Bra straps can be bothersome at times. They fall on your shoulders, or they just look too awkward when wearing certain outfits. Well, put your bra straps in place, all secure and convenient! Presenting, the Inti-Mate Bra Converter!

Inti-Mate is the perfect bra accessory that can prevent loose or falling straps, and instantly convert your conventional bra into a racerback bra – no more awkward visible straps while wearing sexy tops, and even sportswear!

Inti-Mate also gives you added support, as it gives you the effect of a push-up bra – instant support, cleavage, and confidence! Say goodbye to sports bra’s that flatten our curves! Inti-Mate also gives you a sports bra look, with added support, and cleavage – no trade-offs over here! Inti-Mate also improves posture as it acts like a sports bra that helps you straighten up and prevent slouching. Also, get to recycle your old bra’s with support in a clip! Inti-Mate comes in the form of a very feminine floral shape, that is to be clipped on both your bra straps. It comes a pack of three colors – black, nude, and transparent – adding a minimalist touch to your intimate wear. Inti-Mate is effective and economical – you get to make your bra work for you however you want it, and you get the effect of a converted bra ( racerback, or cross-style bra ) for a fraction of the price of a racerback, or sports bra! Price: PHP 250.00 Available at: Social Media Online Shop: Facebook: order form: Instagram: @beautyandminerals #charmbrushes Twitter : @beautynminerals Email: [email protected]   Grab your bra converters now at Sample Room!

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