Digestics with ProbiFiber+


Digestics with ProbiFiber+! Contains the probiotic Bifidobacterium lactis, BB-12®, which is scientifically proven to maintain digestive balance and help manage constipation, and is boosted by Dietary Fiber, which promotes regular bowel movement by stimulating the growth and enhancing the effect of the good bacteria.

Digestics is the first probiotic food supplement in the market with fiber content, backed by clinical studies to confirm its safety and efficacy. Its dual-action formula not only ensures digestive balance (managing discomforts such as constipation) but also promotes regular bowel movement.

• Each sachet contains: - at least 1 billion live good bacteria per sachet - 4g of dietary fiber, equivalent to the fiber you get from 1 bowl of oatmeal or 2 slices of wheat bread - only 16 calories • It's lactose-free and sugar-free • Safe for everyone – even children, pregnant women* and mature adults * It’s always best to ask a doctor before use

How to use: Digestics comes in a pleasant-tasting powder, packed in handy single-dose aluminum foil stick sachets, which are convenient and easy to use • Take for all age groups – there are no tablets/capsules to swallow • Consume – only a small amount of powder, which can be directly poured on the tongue • Mix into foods and drinks – cold to room temperature • Open – simply tear off the top • Carry – in your pocket or bag

FAQ: http://www.digestics.com/faqs.html Full Size: 10 sachets per box, 6g per sachet Price: PHP 250 Available at: Leading drugstores and supermarkets Social Media: Website: http://digestics.com/ Be healthier and grab 2 boxes from Sample Room!

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