Editor’s Pick for October : Digestics with ProbiFiber+

I feel so happy that Sample Room does not only focus on beauty products, but also health products. I'm a firm believer of beauty inside and out - if your insides are sickly and unhealthy, then it would reflect on the outside - you'd look fatigued, have that pained look, or your color will show that you're not healthy.

One of the problems nowadays of people would be constipation or irregular bowel movement. Oh yes! Constipation is caused by sooo much factors that it just irritates me. We get it from stress, a bad eating habit, changes in routine like traveling ( oh what a torture, don't you think? ) ageing, and even hormonal changes! Don't you just hate it when you're not able to get rid of the things you're suppose to "release" when it's the next day? I just feel so heavy and uncomfortable when I am constipated that way!

Digestics product shot

Digestics is the newest food supplement in the market that is probiotic in nature. It aims to promote good digestive health, and at the same time, relieve constipation and promote good bowel movement.

Digestics contains the probiotic Bifidobacterium lactis, BB-12, which is the scientifically proven to maintain digestive balance and help manage constipation, and is boosted by Dietary Fiber which promotes regular bowel movement by stimulating growth and enhancing the effect of good bacteria.

A powerful combination of good bacteria, and fiber. Sounds like a plan! I have always loved fiber and its effects on my body, specially constipation, and I also love good bacteria that it really fights off bad bacteria in our digestive system, making us digest what we need to digest, and contribute to our overall health.

Taking Digestics is easy. They're being sold in a pack of sachets that you can just bring everywhere! Digestics is just this powder - sweet powder, that is, that you can mix with your drink ( like a sweetener! though it's not THAT sweet ), add to your food ( sprinkle it, sprinkle it! ), or even just consume the sachet contents on its own ( pretty much like eating sugar, haha pour it in your mouth! )

As for me, I love mixing it with a glass of water, so that my water is sweetened. I take two sachets in one go, as I would want to maximize the effects of Digestics on me. Directions say you need to consume 1-2 sachets a day, or as directed by doctor. Well, let's take two for a few days, and see what happens, shall we?

Well, I'd like to tell you what happened to me! During the first few days, my stomach would have this detoxifying feel that I would feel some rumble, was feeling gassy. I have read the facts about Digestics that it is absolutely normal for me to feel that way, because it's the good bacteria fighting off the bad bacteria in my body and having that war for balance. Well, this is detoxifying indeed! Just a little sacrifice for that good health that I would be enjoying in time. It went on for three days, until the feeling went away slowly, until I didn't realize that I already went on my days normally. I also felt that my bowel movements were regular, and I felt light and I felt that it was easy to...ok, I'll say it, poop! Hahaha!

Overall, I am so excited to go on taking Digestics as I already felt the effects on my body. I am more assured that I will be more healthy with this added probiotic health, and I am assured of good fiber intake that will make my bowel movements regular, that I don't have to worry on that certain department anymore! I feel light, and free with Digestics!

So, how about you? Did you get your Digestics sample today? Go get them at Sample Room and let me know what you think about it!

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