Editor’s Pick III for January: CalChews

I could see that my dad was really, really disturbed that day.

During our annual “Christmas Birthday Party” wherein my cousin, whose birthday falls on the 25th of December, we get to have a reunion of some sorts with my relatives, and of course, my cousin’s relatives.

I saw my dad’s face fall when he saw my cousin’s grandmother. She was being ushered by a grand daughter, and she could hardly walk, having extreme difficulty with her posture. Her face was permanently facing down because of her posture, and her bone degeneration. My aunt told us that it was osteoporosis, and they had just started making her drink milk now, and it was too late. During lola’s earlier years, she wouldn’t drink milk at all.

My dad, upon reaching home, planned out to buy Calcium supplements to share to the entire family and made us swear to eat them, so as not to suffer the same fate as the kind lola. He also didn’t want to be like that. He wanted to enjoy life when he gets older, and being restricted because of a bone disease will really set you back alot.I know, he’s taking it really seriously now, but taking a look at the supplements I am taking, I haven’t really taken it seriously, though I think that I will highly regret it when I age. Ahhh. The stubbornness, the stubbornness. It’s just so inconvenient to swallow supplements!

But really, I don’t have good posture, and I’m really scared of getting old and having a skeletal problem that will not make me able to lie down properly at night or just get to stretch and enjoy life with a normal view and stand. As we age, our bones get brittle and we can get bone-related diseases. It would hinder me to do a lot of things that I’d still like to do when I am older. Perhaps diving. Yes, I want to dive when I am a senior citizen already. So, I really gotta take this seriously.

As I was handed over a few packs of CalChews by the Sample Room Team, my mind shouted “Hallelujah!!!” because CalChews is actually a Calcium supplement that is in soft, chewable form, just like some candies I know of! A lot of friends of mine told me that it tasted like Tootsie Rolls ( the candy ) and as I’ve ever tasted that candy, I would say that they are chocolate or caramel versions of Fruitella! Hahaha! CalChews is actually cool because I get to take my bone health seriously, and get to enjoy it like candy. Aside from that, it also contains Vitamin D, that facilitates the absorption of necessary calcium, and Vitamin K, that makes sure that Calcium will be deposited in the bones and teeth. Without Vitamin K, there would actually be a possibility that Calcium will be deposited in the wrong place- the coronary arteries! Yes, Calcium is not alone to prevent osteoporosis and osteopenia ( diseases of the bones ), it actually needs helpers to make sure that they are well absorbed and delivered to the right places in the body.

Right now, I consider CalChews simply heavensent because it actually is some sort of “insurance” for my future that it won’t be as bad, and with the high hopes that I’ll age gracefully, without bone problems to be able to do what I want in life. CalChews is just wonderful as it looks like candy, and candy was never this healthy and bone-saving! I believe I can just eat one whenever I want, just like candy, and never feel obligatory to do so. Saving my bones for the future has never been this fun and delicious!

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