Editor’s Pick IV for January : Sappe Beauti Drink (Collagen 1000mg)

Beauty drinks are all the rage in Asia. Whenever I'd go abroad, there would be collagen drinks here and there, and on top of all that, alot of women actually patronize this product! I was amazed, but wasn't actually convinced that they will do wonders for my skin.

I was given a fantastic opportunity to try Sappe Beauti Drink, a really popular beauty drink from Thailand. I was given a month's supply to try it out. I felt really challenged because I loved drinks for what they are - great tasting and refreshing, and I'd like to see if such drink can give me good skin!

I was given a chance to try Sappe Beauti Drink in its Collagen variant. One bottle is said to have 1,000 mg of collagen.

Collagen is what makes our skin naturally plump, and youthful. See those fresh, plump skin from youngsters? Collagen is just so abundant in our youth. Its production rate declines naturally as we age, and on top of that, stress and aging brings about cell shrinkage, that makes our face gaunt, and mature-looking. We would need to intake collagen, in that case, to keep our skin plump, healthy, and young-looking. Collagen can be found in various sources, but Sappe Beauti Drink prides itself from deriving quality collagen from deep sea fish.

For optimal results, one must drink three bottles of Sappe Beauti Drink in Collagen everyday. That's 3,000 mg recommended dosage of collagen there!

Well, with all those info, I was really game to try this and see if this really works.

Opening the really nice bottle ( oh, how I love its dainty design! I'm keeping the bottles, I'm keeping the bottles! ), I saw clear liquid. Okay, here we go. Hope it tastes good.

And it actually does! It tastes like apple juice! Oh, what a fun drink. I enjoyed drinking it when I needed some sugar rush, and some flavor in my daily routine. I love juices, and this happened to taste really good that I didn't mind drinking it just because I liked it!

But does it work? Actually, it does! While having this in my daily routine, I have noticed my skin to be looking less-stressed. I would go home late from the office. I would check myself in front of the mirror from time to time, and notice that my skin looks more plump than usual - like I've been drinking alot of water. That's realistic results enough for me - I haven't taken it long enough to see that it smoothens and makes my skin really soft - being oily-skinned that I am, but I do see my skin looking more refreshed and less stressed. That's a big thing already for me!

I really highly recommend Sappe Beauti Drink in Collagen! It tastes great, the price point is affordable at below 40 pesos a bottle, and it will deduct some numbers from my age! For good skin, this is my bet!

Aside from that, Sappe Beauti Drink is also available in other variants, namely Fibre with L-Carnitine ( wow, a fat burner! ) and L-Glutathione ( wow, this must really make my skin glow! )

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