Sappe Beauti Drink (Collagen 1,000 mg)

Product Highlights: Functional drink and tasty products Marine Collagen 1000mg Light sugar added Product Benefits: Moisture skin Smoothes skin Recommended drinking collagen 3,000 mg per day, 30 days for effectiveness Benefits of Collagen: Tighten hair follicle Prevent Osteoporosis Alleviate shrinkage and maintain skin elasticity Increase skin moisture

Normally our body can productively generate Collagen by itself until the age around 20 and then the production rate gradually declines and causes the skin to loose its moisture. In order to maintain the skin moisture and avoid skin shrinkage and wrinkles, it becomes necessary to substitute the self-generated Collagen by the intake of extracted Collagen generally from chicken skin, pig tendon, cow tendon or fish scale. However, the source of high quality and highly effective Collagen should be from the deep sea fish. Each bottle of SAPPE beauti drink contains 1,000mg of extracted Collagen from deep sea fish.

Size: 360 ml Price: PHP 35 Available at: 7-Eleven, Mini Stop, Mercury Drug, Watsons, Waltermart, Landmark, Unimart, Cash and Carry, Makati Supermarket, Lianas Supermarket Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BeautiDrinkPhilippines Instagram:@beautidrinkph Website: http://mogumogumanila.com/   Grab a collagen bottle at Sample Room!

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