VMV Hypoallergenics Grandma Minnie’s Oil’s Well Nurturing Do-It-Oil

A skincredibly versatile solution. Two ingredients, countless uses.

USDA- certified organic virgin coconut oil for incomparable soothing + moisturizing (its fatty acids are native to skin, and it has natural antiviral properties, too).

Coconut-derived monolaurin for gentle-yet-powerful antibacterial disinfection.

Soothes, softens + salves even dastardly dry, sensitive, seborrheic, atopic skin. Soothes and softens dastardly dry, atopic, sensitive skin. Prevents diaper rash. For hair detangling. For massages. Ouchless wound cleaning, too. Whew! An oil-in-one must-have for mums & munchins.

Oil's well that ends well! How to use: TO USE: Massage liberally all over face, body, scalp and/or hair as frequently as needed or desired.

For Diaper Rash Prevention:

Promptly change wet/soiled diapers. Clean diaper area with water-soaked cotton. Let dry. Often, at each diaper change and especially before bedtime, apply Oil where skin comes into contact with wetness.

For Ouchless Wound Cleaning:

Directly or with clean cotton, flush out debris from lesion. Follow with The Big, Brave Boo-Boo Balm. Bandage if needed. Get medical help if no improvement is seen within 24 hours or right away if signs of infection appear.

USAGE NOTES: Pour/pump out slowly (oil is very light). Pure virgin coconut oil naturally "butters" in temperatures below 76°F (24°C). If oil solidifies, place bottle in warm water until it reliquefies or scoop out and use as normal (it melts on contact with skin). Shake well before use.

Notes: Before using any product, test by trying on a tiny amount of it on skin (we omit allergens, but you or baby may be sensitive to an ingredient that isn't an allergen).

Introduce new products one at a time, with at least 3 days in between to make sure you are not allergic.

Do not store in extreme temperatures, or in direct sunlight. Do not (re)introduce removed portions of product, water or other substances into product. As with all things baby, consult your pediatrician. As with all things maternity, consult your OB-GYN. As with all things skin, consult your dermatologist.

DURING ACTIVE FLARE-UPS: This product is also indicated for the management + conjunctive care of atopic / seborrheic / contact dermatitis and other sensitive skin conditions. BUT, as skin can be irritated even by just plain water during flare ups, do not use this or any product on skin during an active flare-up: consult your dermatologist or wait until the flare-up subsides.

Important: For external use only on specified areas as directed.

Stop use + consult your doctor if condition (such as diaper rash) worsens, does not improve within a few days, immediately if signs of infection appear, or in the unlikely event of discomfort or sensitivity.

If contact with eyes occurs, flush out with plenty of water. Keep out of reach of children.

While safe for its intended use, ingesting large amounts of this product - as unattended children may do - can cause loose stools. While usually harmless + temporary, loose stools in infants should be reported to your doctor right away.

Full size: 280ml/ 75ml Price:  PHP 1160/ PHP 550 Available at: Available in all VMV Skin-Specialist Boutiques (http://www.vmvhypoallergenics.ph/philippines/) and online at vmvhypoallergenics.ph Social Media: Facebook: www.facebook.com/VMVHYPOALLERGENICS.PH Twitter: @VMVPhilippines Website: vmvhypoallergenics.ph Grab this skincredibly versatile solution at Sample Room

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