Editor’s Pick for Feb: Whisper Cottony Clean Pads (Long and X-Long)

Stains. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

I really do hate stains! I admit, I'm much of a shopaholic, loving new, beautiful clothes and just feeling beautiful wearing them.

And a stain can ruin it all. I've had such bad experiences with having stains on my back, and learned my lesson the hard way. If you want to be protected from stains, listen to me. Use a good, quality pad. Get the length that is most suitable for your flow.

I know, it's a hard topic to talk about, but here I am to educate you on how to live life to the fullest, and be free! ( really, I mean it! )

According to surveys, if you ask any girl, they'd tell you that most stains really do happen at the back. Disaster strikes, when someone uses a pad that is just too short. Or moves around. Without wings. Oh my goodness, my nightmares are starting again.

Lesson Number One : Know Your Length.

When your menstrual flow is just light, it's okay to use Whisper in Regular Flow, that measures 9.2 inches. When it's heavier than usual, get Whisper Cottony Clean Pads in Long, that is around 11 inches. For extra heavy flows, there's X-Long, that measures 12.5 inches.

The safest pad in the world for me. Haha!

If you think that you've got the right length, and you still experience stains, chances are, you need to rethink if you have assessed your flow correctly. It actually feels safer to use a longer pad. I myself do not use regular pads at all, and use them at the end of my period. I always start with Long, progressing with X-long on the second day. At night, it's automatically X-long, because for all I know, I toss and tumble in my bed. Haha! That way, day and night, I wouldn't have any fear of having that really dreaded stain!

Lesson Number 2 : Know What's A Good Pad, and What's Not.

Aside from the appropriate length of your pads, one thing that you must look carefully in a good pad would be not only being able to absorb quickly, it makes sure that it stays in the pad and does not flow on the surface. ( Eekk! I cringe while typing this!)

One unique thing about Whisper Cottony Clean Pads would be it has a hydrophobic topsheet - it locks fluids inside once it gets absorbed in the pad.

Also, a good pad would have a great core pulp. Some other pads can actually make you feel that it is wider, and provides you more coverage, but make sure that it has a core pulp ( the pad that absorbs the fluid ) to back it up! Otherwise, it would be futile!

I really feel at ease with Whisper Cottony Clean X-Long pads because I really don't want to get worried about unecessary things. I have so much to think about in my everyday life that I would want this worry to get out of the way. I want to feel safe, and not even think about my period at all! I am a big user of Whisper Cottony Clean pads because they feel soft, comfortable, and they've never given me any reasons to cry "stain!!!!". I feel well-protected using this product.


Thinking about it, their campaign, Whisper pads being a "backfriend" makes sense to me. I think of my friends fondly who always think about me even before they think about themselves, and really watches out my back for me - of course, not just during those dalaga days when you would whisper to your friend, "may tagos ba ko?" ( and they'd casually try to really look for you! I miss my friends that way! ) , but also those moments when they know you'd get into trouble, and they would just take care of it without you even knowing it. I remember my friends watching each other's backs, trying their best to look after each other's best interests.

Now, Whisper is literally my back-friend, while I also do have backfriends in life, figuratively. Haha! I hope you have both! Toodles!

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