Whisper Cottony Clean (Long and X-Long)


Get cottony comfort and 100% leakage protection with Whisper Cottony Clean. Now, the Whisper protection you love has been combined with the comfort of cotton in the new Whisper Cottony Clean. Its Whisper’s softest pad ever so you won’t have to worry about irritation. The New Whisper Cottony Clean also gives you all-side leakage protection and better absorption through its Circles of Protection, an all-new channel design in the front, back and sides that help direct the flow of your period and prevent leakage. So you can stay active or even dare to do the things you couldn't do before during your period!

For further protection, Whisper has released 2 additional variants of Cottony Clean: Whisper Cottony Long and Whisper Cottony X-Long.

Here's an infographics between Whisper Cottony Long and Whisper Cottony X-Long:

Whisper-Teaser-1_2_3 (1)

Take note! DON'T GET CHEATED! Make sure your long pad really gives you more coverage vs. your regular pad.

Some pads may advertise a longer & wider back via paper backing – but the core pulp, that thing in the pad that absorbs fluid, should also be wider to give you more coverage at the back.


Try the new Whisper Cottony Clean Long and X-Long – for cottony comfort and 100% leakage protection in one. Size and Price: Whisper Cottony Long 7s Pack (28 cm) – PHP 39.00 Whisper Cottony X-Long 7s Pack (31.7cm) PHP 59.00 Whisper Cottony X-Long 4s Pack (31.7 cm) PHP 39.00 Available at: All leading supermarkets, drugstores and department stores Social Media: Facebook: @WhisperGirlMovement Twitter: @WhisperPH Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/WhisperPhilippines Grabs your Cottony Long and Cottony X-Long  at Sample Room!

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