Editor’s Pick for March: Oracare Cool Mouthrinse

80 mL oracare cool

I just don't think that brushing our teeth is ever enough. I think that flossing, and using mouthwash would contribute to overall oral health, and would keep our smiles for as long as we have good teeth.

I've written about the wonders of Oracare Mouthrinse last August(click on link for my review), and I really loved this product. Let me just refresh you why I love this product :

Oh, how I love Oracare Mouthrinse! Why? It does deep cleansing! ( If there is such a thing as facial deep cleansing, then this is the one for the mouth! ) Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) was discovered as an oxidizing agent which results in several beneficial actions such as destroying micro-organism and eliminating odors. It was found to be very effective in keeping the mouth extremely clean. The utilization of Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) to safely oxidize the source of impurities generated in the mouth provides a pure and clean result.

Oracare Mouthrinse is one unique kind of mouthrinse because it does not sting. I grew up with mouthwashes that really have this strong minty after feel right after using them, and little did I know that they actually damage tissues around the mouth. Oracare Mouthrinse is actually formulated to be gentle in our mouth area, that is the reason why it doesn't have any sting right after use, but rather, it comes with a really clean feeling that makes you feel really fresh!

Its most popular variant, the Oracare Cool Mouthrinse actually gives you a cool minty effect that lingers, that gives you that fresh feeling. Although its minty feel is not as strong as imposing as existing products in the market right now, I feel safer with this product because it is gentle in my mouth area!

Well, I highly encourage you to give this a try, and incorporate it in your oral care regimen!

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