Editor’s Pick for April: Hygienix Anti-Bacterial Hand Spray

Hygiene is everything. That, perhaps, is the reason why the average Filipino bathes once a day, or some even bathe twice a day ( I know, this is not recommended - once is enough though! ) We're just so particular about cleanliness. Well, I can totally relate!

The hands are actually the part of our body with the most contact with foreign objects - these hands are what we use to connect and to touch things! Now, it's not everywhere that there's a sink that we can wash our hands to sanitize specially before meals, and to be honest, I always feel icky and uncomfortable whenever I am not able to clean my hands before eating my meals.

I love sanitizing stuff. I love the feel of squeaky clean stuff, and I have found solace with alcohol, actually. Even before the travel-sized alcohol bottles surfaced then, I would really prefer to sanitize with alcohol as opposed to the gel-type. The problem is, after using alcohol on my hands, it just feels so dry - I can feel it in the texture of my hands! I'm just so happy right now with the wondrous listeners in the industry that Hygienix was born - just take a look at the features of this simple, yet really useful product :

Hygienix Anti-bacterial Hand Spray has a unique formulation that kills 99.99% germs on contact. Unlike ordinary alcohol and hand sanitizers, it comes in a unique and handy spray bottle that is more convenient and efficient to use. It is also enriched with non-drying and moisturizing formulation to keep your hands soft and smooth. It also has a dual scent technology that transforms it to a refreshing scent.

Anti-bacterial? check. Sanitizing? check. Travel-sized and perfect inside my bag for everydays? Check. Good packaging? Yes, because it doesn't spill. Spray mechanism ok? You bet! Non-drying? Yes! Scent? Great!

I'm really happy about Hygienix because it feels like I'm spraying my ever-reliable alcohol on my hands, but it does not have this drying effect that the regular alcohol gives. It also doesn't smell too strong of alcohol nor is it too stuffy in fragrance. It just smells fresh and really clean. As for the spray mechanism, I'm all for it. I feel that it really cleans my hands, and I am ready to eat my meals, all confident with clean hands!

Now, given that, I think I am ready to eat using kamay-an style already, with my favorite grilled food, green mango, bagoong, and rice! Oh, now we're talking! Now, this is my purse must-have! Truly!

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