Editor’s Pick II for April : Zen Zest Anti- Mosquito Room Fragrance

My home is my sanctuary.

I feel safe, and I surrender to the comfort of being with family, and relaxing to the most familiar place in my life. Home is where my heart is, and right now, it is in the residence where I live, together with my family.

I still remember fondly when my mom used to plan for this house of ours which is already more than 5 years old - she would take us shopping with dad to plan out everything - the tiles, the granite counter for the kitchen, and home furnitures, furnishings, and lots and lots of stuff! When we moved into our before then new home, it was bliss. I also remembered her disinfecting the entire place and filling it with beautiful fragrance.

Speaking of fragrance, I love it when a home smells clean, and looks clean. I'm quite particular to fragrances used at home, because I don't really want it too powdery or musky, like that of what we'd normally wear. I want something...just different.

Just recently I have discovered that Zen Zest does not only have personal fragrances available at their stores, but also room fragrances! I was thrilled to try the Anti-Mosquito Room Fragrance.

The Zen Zest Anti-Mosquito Room Fragrance is infused with the beautiful essential oils of Citronella, Lemongrass, and Eucalyptus. Ahhhh. Citronella is delightfully anti-bug and anti-mosquito, lemongrass is anti-mosquito, and eucalyptus cancels out odor. I was a bit skeptical at this because most fragrance companies just slap in whatever fragrances and sell them and market them as room fragrance.

I tell you, with just one spray, I knew this was something superior. With just one spray, the scent spread on to the entire room. I was prepared to have the scent linger for a minute and then totally evaporate into thin air, but this stayed. I sprayed thrice on a spot in my bedroom of around 50 square meters, and I was surprised that the fragrance spread on to the other half of the room! It was that amazing. The fragrance was so distinct, and so "there", and it stayed on pretty well. It also helps that the scent is of aromatherapy - I am absolutely smitten with natural scents from essential oils. The scent enough, how good it stayed on the room, and how apparent the fragrance was was already enough for me, but it was surely as good as being anti-mosquito and anti-bug! Oh, I love this to bits!

Now, I am loving this room fragrance in my bedroom to be bug-free and just sleep in bliss. But then, as I do travel alot, I'm also glad to be bringing this bottle with me to any place, to make sure that the place that I would be calling home for a few days would be mosquito-free, bug-free, and odor-free ( and smelling great, too! )

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