Editor’s Pick II for June: Vaseline Healthy White Instant Fair Lotion

Truth be told.

Whenever I buy a whitening lotion, I never set my hopes up. I only try to realistically rely on its effects. When will my skin ever see the day when it will lighten with this lotion? Add to that, that I don't really religiously apply lotion every single day to see results ( but then, that's another story. I am really trying my best to apply lotion every single day! )

So, would you ever believe that there is a whitening lotion in the market that promises INSTANT results, as soon as first application? You might say that I must be pulling your leg, but I can only say this - IT'S TRUE.

Vaseline Healthy White Instant Fair Lotion is the latest product from Vaseline that's going to cause an uproar in the whitening world. Why? It's because it's going to lighten your skin in ONE application, instantly! Hahaha, I would not believe it myself! How can this be?

Carefully dissecting the three important factors that make up this product, I would like to share with you what I've found out : * Color of lotion, and micro-reflectors

The instant whitening results of Vaseline Healthy White Instant Fair Lotion can be attributed to first, its color. As a makeup artist, I know how colors work, thus, we makeup artists love color corrector to use for the face. Pink is what we use to give the skin a brightening and rosy glow. Well, Vaseline's Healthy White Instant Fair Lotion a light pink shade, and I deem it a genius move for the company to have the lotion with this shade! That definitely makes the skin brighten and glow already, and become lighter. The micro-reflectors are also very present in this product, that evens out the skin and makes light reflect in all directions, making the skin look really healthy, glowing, and lighter as well. Vaseline sure know their optic effects in terms of instantaneous whitening! Amazing!

So yes, I can honestly say that this can lighten your skin in one application because of this factor. But then, Vaseline does not only offer instant, but non-permanent results - while it gives instant results, it also works on your fairer skin gradually by....

* Vitamin B3

Vaseline has a signature whitening formula that capitalizes on Vitamin B3 that gradually lightens the skin over time. While you see instant fair results, your skin is also in the lightening process gradually.

* Triple Sunscreens

If you have ingredients that block UVA and UVB from your skin, I think that it's an amazing protection for your skin from aging, and of course keeping your skin fair!

Overall, lotions are for skin's nourishment. Additional features of lotions just like this make our journey with these products more fun, because we reap the results with more benefits of lotions like this! Vaseline Healthy White Instant Fair Lotion not only nourishes my skin - no thick, greasy feeling, but ultimately improves the condition on how my skin looks - making it plump, smooth, nourished, fair, rosy white, and glowing!

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