Splash of Summer event as told by Cassie

  Summer is such a beautiful time of the year. It makes me smile. It makes me grateful for a whole lot of things!

Last May 17, the Sample Room whisked away their partner bloggers, bloggers circle members, and friends of Sample Room for a day of pure fun and friendship, to Pico de Loro, Batangas!

It's fun when everyone is friends, and are all smiles. I just love basking in beautiful vibes of beautiful women who were with us! We had a few laughs inside the shuttle while traveling to Batangas.

Upon arrival, we first sought solace inside an air-conditioned room ( we're human okay! hahaha! ) , had some welcome drinks, and chit-chatted some more! Specially curated gift bags were also given away during this time, to help prepare these lovelies for their beach experience after lunch!

Tables were decorated for the love of childhood fun - memories of beautiful summer childhood memories - candy, more candy, and Fly Shades!

Our very special lootbag contained beautiful must-haves for summer and beyond!
Special thanks to our loving sponsors!
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and when girls are giddy, and having fun bonding together, the carefree and comical vibes come out of these beautiful personalities!

After pulling out items that we're going to use for the beach, we had a fun lunch, and after lunch passed by so quickly, we all headed to the beach area to enjoy the rest of the afternoon!

But waittt!! A group shot!!!!
gorgeous girls marching to the sea! I love this shot!
Take a look at our setup, I know, I'm writing about this but I'm totally digging it. Haha!

Here are photos that can just speak a thousand words. I can only smile looking at beautiful friendships formed, enjoyed, and precious time spent in this little paradise.

As we ended the day and went back to the Metro, I could not help but reflect, that in life, there is a time for everything -
"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:" ( Ecclesiastes 3:1 )

It was indeed time for us to unwind and get away from the city, and bask in the beautiful glory of God's creation, and realize how much love He wanted to make us feel by just letting us see such beauty. Sometimes with the busyness of life, we fail to appreciate the things around us, the small things that make us smile, and even just looking up to see the beautiful sky and feel love all over us. I thank God for this opportunity to spend time with these beautiful ladies for a day, and most of all, say thank you for all the blessings we've been receiving nonstop.

We'll always have grateful hearts. Love,
The Sample Room Team (missing Diana here) Also, check out our loving partner bloggers' blog entries about our summer getaway!

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