Editor’s Pick II for September: Dial Coconut Water Body Wash


Gotta love bathtime.

It's my favorite time of the day, specially in the morning, as I start my day with a refreshing bath - invigorate my senses as I begin the day right, with the positive vibes flowing in me through the day. Sometimes, when I need to take a bath at night, I really love to end my day with a warm bath that just helps me drift to sleep as I become so comfortable with clean-ness.

Now, I'm not really a fan of lotions, but I do try to use them once in a while. But then, wouldn't you want a body wash or soap that just cleans, and moisturizes the skin at the same time? Wait, wait, wait. Let's start this right. What is my ideal body wash?

Well, first, I want it to clean my skin well. I don't want feeling greasy right after a bath as if I don't feel clean. I want it to clean my skin well, and make my skin feel clean, too. Second, I want it to smell great. We all have our own preferences when it comes to scents. I like mine fresh, clean, nothing too heavy, musky, or sweet. Last but not the least, I have a silent wish for body wash products out there - if they can double as moisturizers already. It would feel great to smell great, be clean, and have soft, supple skin as you step out of the shower, right?

Well, just imagine my glee when I received the Dial Coconut Water Body Wash to try via Sample Room! It's a body wash with so much promises -

"The Dial Coconut Water line of body care products is the first of its kind in the market, having coconut water as its primary ingredient in cleansing and caring for the skin. With coconut water found in young green coconuts, complemented by bamboo leaf extract, the Dial Coconut Water soap and body wash are rich in anti-oxidants, which get rid of harmful free-radicals that make skin look old and unhealthy, while the electrolytes in it keep the skin ultra-hydrated and rejuvenated. To top it all off, Dial’s crisp, indulging scent leaves you feeling fresh all day long."

In other words, it's an anti-aging body wash! I immediately felt being whisked away to the beautiful beach as I saw the bottle of Dial Body Wash right before me. I immediately missed the beautiful sand, with coconut trees, and just the infinite blue. Sigh. Summer is just so far away!

Ok, as I quit daydreaming, I went in the shower and tried it out! I put a generous amount of body wash in my loofah and scrubbed away. I noticed that this body wash was rather lathery and wonderful. The aroma of fresh coconut immediately filled the air. Ooh, glorious. I lathered away and stay in the shower a little bit longer, as I really love doing so. I went out of the shower feeling so fresh and wonderful!

If you ask me if it really did what it claimed - to give soft , smooth, and younger skin, I would have to say that my skin is comfortably soft right now post-shower. I like how my skin feels- soft, but not tight, and it's not dry at all! I would love to use this even more to maintain my soft, post-shower skin!

I hope you get to love this product as much as I do!

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