Editor’s Pick IV for September: Daylong Gel SPF 50+

Sun protection - I have such a love and hate relationship with it. Now, I desperately want to be young forever. But then, like I always promise myself that I will wear sunscreen, I always fail in fulfilling that promise. Most sunscreens are greasy, icky, and sticky. Have you watched this video about sunblock? I really urge you to do so.
Now you know how important sun protection products are, what are you waiting for? Just this month, I was absolutely in high spirits as I was introduced to one undeniably promising sun protection brand called Daylong.

Daylong, the science of feel-good sun protection comes from the makers of Cetaphil. It's a clinical brand that claims effectivity in sun protection that protects not on a shallow level, but on a cellular level. Aside from that, its "feel-good" promise wants you to enjoy applying sunblock that you won't feel icky or just obligated to wear it. You'll certainly feel good while wearing it.

Now, I picked up Daylong Gel SPF 50 PA++++. This is for the face and the body. Did you say gel? Yes, a gel sunblock! What it meant by being a gel sunblock was that it is oil-free. This promises to nourish the skin with Vitamin E, protect our skin from a cellular level, and be the least greasy/oily sun protection product in the whole wide world.

So, I promised myself that I would use this everyday and see if I will get accustomed to it, and love it enough to use it everyday, for real. During my first use, I squirted some product from the tube, almost effortlessly because it was full. The consistency was somehow like a thin lotion with some coverage, and I applied the product all over my face. My skin felt moisturized, and the product felt really light - after I have applied, count three seconds, and I could not feel a thing on my face anymore. It was so comfortable on the skin, that I loved using it everyday!

If you ask me, I love applying the Daylong Gel SPF50 PA++++, as it does not make my skin oily, and one more thing I like it is that it goes well with my makeup! As I apply the Daylong Gel, I sometimes just apply loose powder to keep my skin matte and fresh all day, or even top it with liquid foundation and powder. It doesn't make my makeup cakey, and I just have this air of confidence all day, specially when I am outdoors, that my skin is protected and I won't prune up anytime soon. Now, I feel so spoiled with this product that I use it every single day - a great way to start my day, and I even use the spray variant to spray generously all over my body to take that extra effort in preserving my skin in the long run!

Daylong Gel SPF50+ is a discriminating skincare/beauty addict's dream -

* It's a clinical brand. Trustworthy. * It's effective in sun protection. * Its SPF level is high and can block UVA (it's PA++++ ), UVB and Infrared Radiation * It protects on a cellular level, beyond just the skin's surface! * It feels light and non-greasy * It goes well with makeup and can be a base. * It's labeled as "very water resistant" which is the closest thing you can get to waterproof because there is no such thing as waterproof sunblock. * It's so affordable! As compared to its competitor brands, this product is only 620 php - great value for money.

Need I say more? I'm smitten with this product! It's staying forever in my vanity table, and I'm getting seconds for my vanity kits for trips! To know more about Daylong, you can watch the link here.

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