Mores White Booster

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MORES is the newest raved skincare brand in Thailand. Mores offers the newest and best solution for your skin problem. Botanical ingredients used are imported from Mibelle Chemistry Switzerland, like other hi-end skincare brands.

MORES products are suited for all skin types, for men and women. Advice to always test patch the product first before fully using.


An intensive whitening and collagen booster using the latest Double Phytocell Technology. It is suitable to be used either as a daily moisturizer or dark spot treatment booster for pigmentation individuals. With consistent usage, skin barrier will be strengthened revealing a more radiant and supple skin. It is recommended to be used twice daily, day and night. For optimum results, leave it overnight as a treatment booster.

What’s special about Mores White Booster?

Ever feel so frustrated over dealing with post-acne dark spots or hyperpigmentation issues? Or STILL looking dull and lifeless despite trying so many types of proclaimed “whitening” products?

Mores White Booster is your skin solution to:

Recovery of damaged skin: Using the newest technology from Plant Stemcell – Phytocelltec, its’ main botanical extracts ingredients are Argan Spinosa and Alp-Rose which help to restore, strengthen skin barrier and protect epidermal skin cells from environmental stress. Brighter skin and Radiance: Implementing botanical extracts from Alpha-Arbutin, Regu-Fade and Regu-Age, it helps to lighten skin hyperpigmentation, reduce puffiness and dark eye circles. Collagen Boosting and Anti-aging: High in antioxidant properties with red wine and fruits extract, it prevents premature skin aging and reveals a much youthful and healthy skin.

* Skin-brightening concentrate * Anti-Dark spot and Dermis * Strengthen skin barrier * Boosting Elastin and Collagen * Reducing wrinkle How to use:
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1. Wash face thoroughly, apply 2-3 pumps of WHITE BOOSTER. White Booster can substitute your regular moisturizer, different moisturizer can be used after. Morning and evening. 2. Put on the FIVE points all over the face, smooth over the face 3. At night if there are dark spots, after applying the cream over the face, put the cream on the dark spot to intensely whiten the discoloured area.

Full Size: 30ml Price: PHP 1,695 Available at: Order online at Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: @brightskinph Get your sample from Sample Room!

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