Editor’s Pick III for October: Jergens Ultra Healing (Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer)


From my recent trip abroad, I was so shocked to see my legs, and my arms. They were so dry!

As the weather was really dry in Japan, so did my skin, drastically. Oh, it was just so dry that I immediately regretted my not wearing lotion again ( see, I have a thing for not liking lotions because they are greasy ). My skin looked scaly and hopeless that I didn't even dare want to wear shorts or skirts for that matter.

I'm so glad that a new product from Sample Room is up! The classic Jergens brand, the brand that my mom really loves, has a new packaging now - even lovelier and more elegant, with something really new, and special about its new formulation, with the Hydralucence blend. What's Hydralucence? Inferring from its name, it's supposed to make your skin look really well-hydrated, and luminous. In other words, it's supposed to make your skin look like its healthiest state, aside from nourishing it from the inside.

Now that I needed really good lovin moisture all over my body, I picked up Jergens Ultra Healing Hydralucence Lotion. This is made for extra dry skin. I was a bit apprehensive to use it because it might feel thick and greasy on my skin, but hey, my skin is just crying for help right now that I needed to heed its cry for help!

As I squeezed some product out from the bottle, the consistency was not as thick as I had imagine it to be. It was not watery, but it was not thick either. I started slathering it on my legs, and on my arms, and it felt thicker than a normal moisturizer, and I continued applying it leisurely. Mmmm. The smell's just so non-intrusive, giving out a faint floral scent that's really elegant and safe. I love it already because I don't like lotions that smell too sweet or too floral. It was perfectly balanced.

As I finished applying it on my legs and arms, I noticed that it got absorbed into my skin rather quickly, that it doesn't have a greasy residue. Instead, my skin felt really soft, and really smooth! I was quite surprised as most lotions would be sticky specially if they were targeted for really dry skin, but this one is really different. I didn't feel sticky at all, and I just loved touching my skin as it became soft, and the texture was just so silky.

As I continued using this I became more addicted to taking care of my skin, by just looking at the results. Now that it's getting colder, and my skin's getting drier, I am more committed to taking care of my skin with the new Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer with Hydralucence blend. It's not sticky, and it works. So, why not?

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