Editor’s Pick for December: Olay Aquaction Softening Sleeping Mask + Long Lasting Hydration Gel

What makes you blue?

My oily skin does. It's been so oily lately, that no skin care, or even makeup product could control it! A pot of loose powder and my makeup brush have been my best friends lately because of this. It just doesn't feel good to kiss a friend on the cheeks or have a cheek to cheek "beso" moment with your friend and have oily skin! ahhhh!

With that, I've lived without moisturizers for awhile. I know, it's bad, but I just couldn't bear creamy moisturizers that aggravate the oiliness of my skin. I've been looking for something really light, something softening to the skin, and yet, doesn't make my skin oily, or at least, aggravate the oiliness.

I was given a blue package for the Holidays to try - a 2-in-1 pack that contains the Olay Aquaction Sleeping Pack and Olay Aquaction Long Lasting Hydrating Gel. This translates to a day cream and a night cream to me!

The Olay Aquaction Hydrating Gel promises to hydrate the skin in one application, and keep skin moisturized for 24 hours. It claims to increase skin moisture by 170% in just 30 mins. Wow! That seems really astounding, but of course, it will have to go through my skin if this will pass the test!

The Olay Aquation Sleeping Pack, on the other hand, gives intensive hydration all night long, and as you wake up the next day, you enjoy 400% better hydrated skin. It also claims to effectively control skin oils to achieve water-oil balance and bouncy hydration.

These are really promising claims by Olay that I'm willing to road test and expect results!

Well, I actually started using the Olay Aquaction Sleeping Pack because I received the package late in the afternoon. I was apprehensive at first, because I have tried other similar products, and yes, they provided good hydration, but I woke up to really oily skin, that the greasiness stayed for 3 straight days, it couldn't be washed off! It was quite a leap of faith to try this product. As I applied this product on my skin, I was just really amazed. It absorbed on my skin quite quickly, and it felt really comfortable on the skin! It didn't feel oily at all at first application, and it felt really comfortable and matte. My skin felt soft at first application, so it felt like I didn't really put anything on my skin, as I fell into deep sleep.

Upon waking up, lo and behold, I loved my skin! Looking in front of the mirror, it looked really soft and supple. I didn't feel any hint of oiliness, and I was really pleased with this. This must be the first product that I used for night time moisturization that did not oil up my skin at all. This felt really soft on the skin, and I really felt that my skin was in better health. Finally, I get to have a night regimen.

So mornings are fun because of shower time! Shower time must be my favorite time of the day because it can be quite invigorating! So I get out of the shower with squeaky clean skin to begin the day, and I don't want anything oily to touch my skin. I wipe a cotton pad drenched with toner, and I reach for the Olay Aquaction Long Lasting Hydrating Gel on my face. I only need a small amount, and spread on my face and neck. It feels very liquid upon contact, and I just love how it felt on my skin - light, cool, and refreshing. Absorption was quite fast, and in a few minutes, I had soft skin that didn't feel greasy at all. I loved how my skin looked - softer and more plump, and as the day progressed, I didn't really oil up excessively. It didn't control my oil 100% - perhaps 50%, because when the skin is not hydrated, it will oil up even more because the oil glands are given a signal that they need to produce more oil. This significantly decreased my skin's oiliness because my skin was hydrated already. I really love it!

Ok, for my overall review of this, I am very pleased with both products, and I believe they have earned their place on my collection of skin care! I really love these two products, and expect even greater results in the days to come. I highly recommend this for all skin types, and this can really work great for those who have oily skin - thanks to these products, it will help us lean towards moisturizers and just adapt this regimen!

Now, whenever I think of something blue, I would already think of it as something promising, and a new hope for my skin. Thanks Olay!

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