BSKOS Hydration Moisture All in One Cleansing

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We have been very much exposed to chemicals and artificial substances for the products the we use.

BSKOS stands for Beauty System Korea Cosmetics and that BSKOS products are made and manufactured in Korea. BSKOS Hydration Moisture All in One Cleansing provides skin improvement by ocean-origin ingredients. It is hypoallergenic cleansing for moist and healthy skin, a chemical-free all-in one cleansing.

Sulfate-free Mild Cleansing Cleanse your skin mildly with ingredients from amino acid without stimulative cleansing ingredients from sulfate. Moisturizing effect after cleansing by supplementing skin lipid.

Amino Acid Soap Cleansing Amino Acid Soap Cleansing ingredients reduce stimulation before and after cleansing and hydrates after cleansing.

One-step Cleansing One-step total cleansing which cleanse face, hair and body at once.

Improve skin with ocean derived ingredients Improve skin states with mineral-rich deep see water Skin refreshing and improving elastic with fermented pseudualteromonas extracts from Glyco protein and microorganism which grows naturally in an extremely low temperature of Antarctic coast. Skin improvement with marine complex ingredients.

Free your skin with non-artificial additives Without paraben, artificial pigment, mineral oil, triethanolamine and benzophenone.

Best for: SKIN TYPE: Sensitive to Normal Skin. Oily, Combination, normal, and dry skin. HAIR TYPE: Any Full Size: 200ml Price: PHP 1500.00 Available at: @pinksorority (Instagram) Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: @bskosph Twitter: @bskosPH Website: Grab this BSKOS Hydration Moisture All in One Cleansing at Sample Room!

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