Editor’s Pick for Jan: Olay Deep Moisture with Honey Body Wash


  My New Year's resolution is actually to moisturize. Yes. Moisturize all over. All over my body, because it's been too dry already!

Gone are the immortal days wherein I'd feast on squeaky clean skin without lotion. Now, I see the dryness taking its toll on me. And it's not looking good. I long for that youthful, pinch-able skin that's so lush and well-moisturized!


I was over the moon when I was given the chance to try Olay Deep Moisture Body Outlast with Honey Body Wash. Or, shall we say beauty wash? It's a body wash and body lotion that you indulge yourself with while you're in the shower. It's as if the shower is your wonderland, after all! Olay promises that as you step out of the shower, your skin is all set - all fresh, soft, and plump. Such an amazing claim that I ran with my bottle of Olay Deep Moisture Body Outlast Body Wash to the shower!

Checking out the New Olay Moisture Outlast ‘Beauty Wash’ Benefits : 1. Will improve 5 signs of healthy skin – moisturized, firm, natural skin tone color, smooth texture and comfortable feel 2. Has naturally derived moisturizers that penetrate deep while leaving skin with a clean, silky feel 3. Naturally draw moisture deep within skin for truly healthy looking skin 4. Offers breathable moisture that rapidly penetrates but rinses off clean for a silky skin feel 5. Is infused with replenishing moisture serum that penetrates deeper into skin’s surface to help improve the health of your skin

Hmmm okay. I tried this out in the shower this morning and will tell you about my experience. As soon as I stepped in the shower, I felt being in my comfort zone, as warm water starts drenching my body. It's just comforting to have warm water whenever I take a bath. I do the shampooing first, and next, I reach for my Olay Body Wash, and start using it. Checking out the consistency, it seems to be a bit thicker than the normal body wash/gel, and it does not lather so much, but it does somehow. I continue to observe how it fared on my skin, and it didn't feel so lathery ( soapy ), but somehow, it felt a little bit slippery. That must be the moisturizer! I got excited, as the wonderful smell of honey enveloped the atmosphere, it was bliss, and the "beauty wash" was looking really promising in terms of cleansing and moisturizing. I'm almost sold, but I needed to know how it fared post shower! Rinsing time!!!

Upon rinsing, and drying myself with a towel, I immediately felt the difference. My skin did not feel tight. Rather, it felt baby smooth. It felt really soft and smooth, that I was instantly sold by this product. I love its cleansing properties and how it can also spoil the skin with loaded moisture, making skin look soft, smooth, and younger.

Oh, I can't wait for next shower time again!

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