Editor’s Pick III for Feb : Pond’s White Beauty Pearl Cleansing Gel

Facial washes must be my favorite product of all time. It's what dictates the fate of my face, that's why! Seriously, they say that facial wash products only cleanse the skin and moisturizer's gonna keep the skin looking young. But then, without a clean face, how are you able to effectively moisturize your skin? The first step to having beautiful skin is having clean skin. But then, most of us tend to be masochists, and really go for the moisture-stripping facial cleansers. Sure, they really feel squeaky clean on the face, but when some facial cleansers actually make us feel that way, it also signals the oil glands to produce more because of the skin's tightness. Oh, what a dilemma. My skin is oily and I don't want too creamy cleansers so much. They don't really feel too clean and refreshing on me. I was given a chance ( yay for being Sample Room's resident blogger! ) to try the latest beauty trend this 2015, that is the Pond's White Beauty Pearl Cleansing Gel. Gels are all the rage lately - from gel manicures, to gel eyeliners, and for skin care, it's gel cleansers. They're more refreshing than the creamy cleanser counterparts, and great thing about them is that they keep the skin moisturized. This product is formulated with pearl, that is a known whitener to the skin, and this formulation is oxygenated, meaning it is lightweight, clean, fresh, while effectively locking in moisture to the skin! Coolness. Well, I was off to test the Pond's White Beauty Pearl Cleansing Gel, and I was more than happy to do so! So, I waited for the time when I wanted to wash my face already - at night, for starters! I did my usual routine - removing makeup, and washing my face before anything else. After removing makeup, I proceeded to squirt a small amount of Pond's White Beauty Pearl Cleansing Gel on my hands, and started massaging it on my face. There was a light lather, and an aroma that made me sigh and relax - the cleansing gel smelled so good! As I washed the product off my face, I felt instantly refreshed and my skin felt really clean, minus the tightness. Another thing that I noticed was that my skin felt instantly softer. I loved this product! Now, to put this to the test - will this actually make me grease up/oil up? Well, yes, my skin oiled up a little after 3 hours - and that's a really good benchmark already, since my skin oils up starting hour # 1.5. Perhaps, the moisture locked in my skin hindered more oil to be secreted, that is why my skin was kept fresh and soft for a while. Yay! This is great stuff! I feel so lucky to have discovered such a gem with the Pond's White Beauty Pearl Cleansing Gel. It's affordable, and yet it's effective in cleaning my skin without drying my skin. That combination is what a girl really wants, don't you think? Such a dream come true! Now, I'm off to buy more tubes of these because they are real keepers! Hope you got your samples, my friends! Do let me know how you fared with this product! Tata for now!

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