Editor’s Pick for March : Belo SunExpert Ultragentle Sheer Spray SPF50

Oh, summer is here, summer is here! Don't you just love it?

It just has to be my favorite season of the year, because I am a beach baby. Yes, a self-confessed beach baby. I love basking under the sun, swimming in beautiful, turquoise seas, and just staring at the beautiful sunset of the beaches I love.


Last weekend, I was blessed to have been given a chance to go back to my favorite place on earth, Boracay. I was really looking forward to that mini-vacation because Boracay is just so gorgeous - of all the beaches in the world that I've been to, I always find myself going back to Boracay as it feels like home. It has such fine, powdery sand that I don't feel like wearing any slippers at all, it has beautiful turquoise waters, and most of all, it has a stunning horizon, with beautiful sunsets that I can stare at forever. I also love being laid back, and just dressing down to the essentials, and just get tanned for that time being. Of course, tanned is different from being burnt! No one wants sun burn because well, number one, it hurts! Number two, it's red. That is why even though I love the sea, I always bring with me sun protection products for my skin to enjoy the sun and still be protected from it.

Last year, I have tried Belo SunExpert products and found them really economical and effective. I really loved the both sunblock products for the body and the skin. They feel like lotion and yet get absorbed to the skin easily. But this year, Belo SunExpert welcomes a really exciting addition to its product line - the Belo SunExpert Ultragentle Sheer Spray SPF50! Yes, it is in spray form. I am whooping with joy, because sprays are so darn convenient! You don't need to have to slather and rub into hard to reach places ( like your back ) because the spray is so easy to use - you simply spray and it covers alot of areas already. Just spray from around 6-8 inches from the body part you wish to reach, and it will just spray generously immediately, having a good area sprayed on.

What I loved most about this spray is that it makes my skin glistening, just like I have light oil on my skin. It looks very, very sexy! Haha! It's not the usual sun protection product that you'd have awkward white patches on your skin if you're not too careful, and goodluck with the photos! This spray just makes my skin look so dewy and healthy. Best part? It did not cause my skin to burn. A bad habit of mine but considered guilty pleasure would be sunbathing. I honestly want tanned skin as I go back to Manila. So, I usually indulge in sunbathing. I forgot all about bringing my tanning oil, so I used the Belo SunExpert Ultragently Sheer Spray SPF50. My skin glistened beautifully as I did my sunbathing routine, and after an hour, I was beautifully tanned, but not burnt. That's the power of Belo sunblocks!

This is also really gentle enough for even the youngest skin. I'm excited to get another can to bring this with me to my next destination!

I hope you get to try this from Sample Room! This is great stuff!

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