Editor’s Pick III for April : Safeguard Derma Sense Line

When I was during my teenage years, there were good skin care brands out there - you just had to research, and, well, save up a little for them. Good skin came with a price, and I was prepared to forego my lunch just to save up for good skin care, and even makeup. In other words, good skincare was price-prohibitive for students way back then, I believe. But then, I was really desperate during my younger years, battling acne, and even more, self esteem, so I had to do everything to get out that problem!

Nowadays, I promise you, we're just really lucky. Great skin care products are within our reach, and within our budget! Safeguard, the world leader in family germ protection ( a brand that I have patronized for their body soap ever since I was born perhaps! ) now has expanded into skincare for acne-prone and sensitive skin. Safeguard Derma Sense is here now in the Philippines!

As for the two variants, let's start with the variant for the Acne Prone Skin.
New DERMA SENSE from Safeguard helps to fight against the four major causes of acne breakouts: excess sebum, blocked pores, bacteria overgrowth and inflammation for clearer skin in 8 weeks. New DERMA SENSE is proven to help visibly reduce acne in 89% of people. New DERMA SENSE ACNE VERSION BAR SOAP has highest antibacterial ingredient and works in 3 ways: Helps provide noticeable acne reduction Helps remove acne-causing germs and excess oil Refreshing formula, with eucalyptus Safeguard's DERMA SENSE ACNE VERSION soap, facial cleanser and body wash contain an antimicrobial ingredient that fights against acne-causing bacteria while creating a defense against acne-causing germs with its ZONE OF INHIBITION

For the Safeguard Derma Sense variant for sensitive skin, the line is formulated specially for those who react to almost anything. This is really for easily irritated skin!

Sensitive skin has a lower resistance to irritants. If you're prone to sensitive skin, you know that it can be unpredictable and challenging to identify exactly what is irritating your skin. While some people are predisposed to having sensitive skin, many external factors, including climate, UV exposure, hot water and harsh chemicals can make any skin even more sensitive. Fragrances are a frequent irritant to sensitive skin, which can be found in many soaps. Allergens are another class of skin irritants that can cause inflammation and rashes for those who have allergic contact dermatitis. Areas of dry, flaky skin also can be an entry point for bacteria, as can swollen skin. Swollen tissue may crack, leaving your skin vulnerable to bacterial infection. That's why New DERMA SENSE, with its specially designed mild, non-irritating formula gently cleanses sensitive skin, while maintaining your skin's natural defense layer. Derma Sense, with its mild unscented formula and absence of alcohol and dyes makes perfect sense for your sensitive skin. -Specially designed for easily irritable skin -Mild, unscented formula -No addition of Alcohol and Dyes

For the Safeguard Derma Sense Acne Prone line, I believe this must be a hit amongst teenagers because it's during puberty wherein they really want to address those concerns in the name of self esteem, in which, is truly important, in my opinion. You're in that age wherein you're exploring new things and chasing after your dreams, and having acne is one of those silent killers that discourages you somehow. I'm so happy that there is a really effective, but affordable skin care line that can be found in supermarkets or drugstores that you can trust, like Safeguard Derma Sense. The Face & Body Wash variant is more lathery, and is a joy to use as a body wash, specially with the lack of body wash products nowadays targeted for acne! I love it. The facial cleanser variant on the other hand, is creamier, and just helps you get rid of acne without drying out your skin too much. After all, oil production is triggered if your skin feels too squeaky clean and devoid of moisture. Once that happens, your skin becomes more oily. Safeguard is careful not to upset the balance of the skin, that is why it feels creamy on the skin. As for the soap, it seems to be the most economical and useful variant that can be used just for anything!

The Safeguard Derma Sense line for Sensitive Skin, on the other hand, feels really mild on the skin. I love using it when my skin's not acting up from acne, well, because the facial cleanser feels lathery and wonderful on the skin! My skin is semi-sensitive, and can react to some products, so I leave it up to you guys in the Sample Room review area to roadtest for super-sensitive skin! I'm glad that we have this avenue for real reviews from our members so we can check out of this will work across all kinds of sensitive skin. I'm intrigued!

So, did you get a sample for yourself? I hope you did! I'd love to know what you think about the new Safeguard Derma Sense line!

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