Editor’s Pick III for June: CalChews, C-lium & Oracare

I have always placed so much value on skin care, cosmetics, and even hair care because I love to take care of myself. I believe that looking good creates a good impression, and it's somehow that "respect" you give to the person you are meeting or are around with - to look presentable and all that!

But then, I also give importance to what's within - prayers, heart-check, and accountability and my personal relationship with Jesus, I take importance and weigh them really heavily in my life. There's also another beauty within that I take care of, and that is my health! It's taking care of what God has given us with - our bodies, for that matter. We are responsible for taking care of what was given to us, and we should really try our best to keep healthy and not abuse our bodies. I have three products that help me maintain good health, do let me take this time to share these with you :


Clium Fibre

According to US-based National Fibre Council, we are recommended to consume 32grams of fiber each day. That's in form of leafy vegetables, fruits, oats, etc. I know, for a fact, that I can get busy and I can't ensure that I meet that requirement every single day, so C-Lium Fibre comes to the rescue.

C-Lium Fibre, from Psyllium Husk, is something I take on a regular basis, and is something that I take before I start my meals. This is the supplement that I take to substitute my required amount of fiber, and to fill my fiber needs for the day! There are times when I mix a capful of raw C-Lium Fibre with a glass of water, and drink another glass of water, or there are times when I am out, I take 5 capsules of C-Lium Fibre ( they have it in capsule form for more portability1 ) and a glass of water. I believe in the efficacy of Psyllium in my gastrointestinal health - it works by increasing volume, and water content in the stool, making my "big toilet" breaks regular. Aside from my really easy "big toilet" activities, fiber also binds with toxins, cholesterol and fat, sweeping them off the system. Whenever I would be eating fatty foods, I would definitely just need to take C-Lium Fibre first. I mean, I am human after all, and I get tempted every so often to eat sinful food! Good thing that C-Lium Fibre saves the day. My blood tests often come in clear in cholesterol because of C-Lium! I feel so happy with this that I literally freak out when I run out of C-Lium at home. My family takes it, and I love it.


OraCare in Merrymint

Speaking of enjoying good food, this activity becomes tricky because oral health is everything. We might love brushing our teeth everyday, but how about thorough cleansing? Maintaining oral health means having fresh breath at all times, and having healthy gums too!

OraCare is different from all mouthwashes because it has no alcohol in its formulation. No sting, no burning sensation, and no irritation while having this. I use a capful to gargle, and my mouth feels really fresh after my post-brushing of teeth routine. As a result, bad bacteria is removed, no plaque is built up. This is preventive in terms of gum diseases and tooth decay.

Great maintenance and prevention is key for overall good oral health!



Last but not the least, I remember when my therapist was checking my bones. She shouted at me, "drink calciummmm!!! " Drink calcium? Oh, I tend to forget that I am in my early thirties. I always feel like a kid, never feeling the need to drink any calcium! Realizing that my bones are aging too, I have decided to take calcium. Most calcium supplements look chalky and I don't really enjoy taking them. I chug them in, alongside my other supplements, but I must admit that this is the most neglected supplement as I just might be in denial of aging. Blame me! Calcium, apparently, is responsible from strong bones, strong teeth, weight management, and keeping mood swings/PMS at bay.

CalChews is a refreshing take on calcium, in its most enjoyable, fun form, in soft candy form! In two yummy flavors -chocolate and caramel, take your pic, chew away like yummy candy, and your 500 mg calcium dosage is already solved for the day! Not only that, CalChews also contains 400 IU Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K. These two vitamins are essential to optimum bone health! Vitamin D3 actually aids calcium absorption, and prevent bone diseases!


Well, how's that for an overall health check on me? I am grateful for these three products that keep me healthy and clean!  So, how about you? What have you been doing/taking in an effort to have great health and overall well-being?

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