Editor’s Pick I for July: Fresh and Natural Skin Purifier

Here comes a new product in the market - skin purifiers, brought about by Maxipeel. It's called the Maxipeel Fresh & Natural Skin Purifier

What exactly is a skin purifier? IMG_5880

The Maxipeel Fresh & Natural Skin Purifier is the first of its kind in the skincare market, because it seeks to clean the skin, inside and out! It targets the beauty of how it looks like outside, and moreso, draws out the dirt built up inside that causes actually breakouts and skin problems.I would naturally think that this is an exfoliant, because exfoliants are really what I usually have at home. I believe that I need to get rid of dead skin cells, so that the new layer of skin may surface, and it would just really prevent breakouts from happening. But then, Maxipeels offers a more powerful alternative, and that is actually cleaning your skin from the inside out every single night. Exfoliants won't be able to do that because exfoliants are to be used every two days, and the stronger exfoliants need to be administered at the dermatologist's office. This daily routine of skin purifiers is really promising as it would be cleaning your face thoroughly every single day - way more than just washing your face with facial wash and water! The very unique product benefits of this product would be :

- Clears skin from blemishes - Effectively loosens the buildup of skin contaminants - Visibly evens out and brightens skin complexion - Keeps facial pores unclogged and tight - Suppresses melanin production that causes skin darkening - Fortifies cells from free radicals encouraging growth of fresh-looking skin

This has alcohol content, and should be used twice a day. If you're using an alcohol-based toner, I suggest to skip it already as this has alcohol content already, and might cause dryness if you use too much alcohol on your skin ( there is such a thing as a good balance of this ingredient! )  Use this as a toner on your skin - use with a cotton ball after washing and wiping dry your face with a towel. Use morning and night time, and don't forget to apply moisturizer and sunblock!

So, how does this actually work? The results would actually be apparent in at least a week's time. You might see skin buildup - whiteheads and some blemishes surfacing as this is part of the purifying process. It really draws out all the inner dirt from your skin so that your skin can just really be clean all throughout, from now on!

Well, what do I think about it? I think that this is a neat idea to really take an extra step to make sure that your skin is clean from the inside out. Skincare is definitely more than just washing your face - it is making sure that your skin is in tiptop condition, and without fear of breakouts and imperfections from within, with daily maintenance. It really is hard work, you see!

So, what do you think about this product? Do you see yourself putting it in your skin care regimen?

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