Editor’s Pick II for August- Kamillosan M Spray and Gly Derm Stretch Mark Cream

Kamillosan - Lifesaver Material The weather's just been so erratic lately, that I don't know how to take care of myself anymore. It may seem so sunny at the start of the day, but by afternoon, it gets so chilly and cold, that I need a sweater. I would hear coughs in the office place because of these changes in weather, and frankly, it's such a hassle to get sick. We are made to be really healthy and productive, and having that downtime, in my opinion, is just really sad!
Kamillosan is one product that I have not heard of until now. When I started talking about Kamillosan to my friends, I asked them if they knew this product. They immediately resounded a "YES!" and had all praises for it. My friend claims that this was her lifesaver and prevented her from having a really sore throat and going down with the cough. My sister has this under her bed ( eep! hahaha! ) because she thinks she can whip this up the moment her throat gets somehow uncomfortable. See. People are just so afraid to get sick nowadays that they have their designated weapons! Kamillosan seems to be one of them. Kamillosan is actually an Anti-Inflammatory Spray Solution for the throat. It is a treatment for all inflammatory disorders of the mouth, and the throat! It is actually helpful for the following conditions :
  • Dry, itchy, sore throat
  • Mouth sores, canker sores
  • Paradontosis, acute gingivitis.
  • Symptoms following dental extraction and during eruption of second dentition.
  • Mucosal irritation by dental prosthesis.
  • Laryngeal catarrh, inflammation of the vocal cords, tonsillitis.
  • Prophylaxis for oral and pharyngeal disinfection
Checking the formulation, it seems to have really great natural ingredients, with Chamomile being the main ingredient in it. Looks like it really aims to soothe and calm down irritations in the throat and mouth. As for me, I have tried spraying it on my throat, and boy did it feel really minty on the throat! I felt really nice with that really minty feel, and I feel that my throat is really soothed and I already feel so nice and sleepy with it. I do not have any throat condition right now, that is why I have asked my two sisters who have used it and have this stash even before this was offered in Sample Room. They claim Kamillosan to be their lifesavers in preventing sore throat, and further lessening the chances of being full-blown sick. For me, that's a big deal, because my sisters are real workaholics ( and nerds, for that matter ) that being sick to them is not an option. They love Kamillosan so much that I am now convinced to bring this anywhere I am. For me, I'm a bad target for sore throat, because once I get it, I go down deteriorating with an asthma attack! The more I really, really need to have this! Glyderm - when your body changes from time to time.


Aside from that, I also remember checking my photos. Over the years, I've gained weight, lost weight, and vice versa. I haven't been really paying attention, nor listening, when people tell me "Hey, you've lost weight" because I didn't really try to lose weight. For the past few years, I have tried to live as healthy as I can, though I am guilty when you tell me that I don't exercise. Teehee! But then, just looking at some of my body parts - ahhh. Strechmarks! Yes, stretchmarks are clearly not just for women who are pregnant. They are also evident in some women who have lost weight drastically. Just imagine how the skin stretches when we gain weight. When we lose some, we get those marks! Dry skin can also magnify those stretchmarks. When the skin is drier, the more flaky, and crusty those stretchmarks look. Eew. Goodness, good thing there's Glyderm! Glyderm is specifically formulated to target and improve the appearance of stretchmarks, being formulated with tri-derm actives that help in rebuilding collagen and regaining skin elasticity. First of all, it moisturizes intensively the area where the stretchmarks are. Apply twice a day, on just-showered or cleansed skin, when skin is at its softest and most absorbent. One thing's for sure - you get to have beautifully moisturized skin with Glyderm, and enjoy using it because it feels really light on the skin, and yet it really gives you beautiful moisture! Be a little bit patient, as stretchmark-curing/treatment is really something tough. I believe that the first step in treating strechmarks would be moisturizing the skin. For the rest of the effects - lightening, and eventually improving the look of the entire area with stretchmarks, requires patience, for at least 5 weeks. So, I've started my Glyderm journey, and I think I'm gonna be patient for a while before I see results, but I am betting on this. For pregnant women - do this as a preventive step. Apply Glyderm on your target areas to make skin elastic! Well, that's it for my health and beauty ramblings for now! I do hope you get to enjoy these samples from Sample Room! Do let me know what you think of them!

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