Pantene Hair Fall Control Conditioner


Pantene’s new Pro-V Hairfall Conditioner penetrates deep into the hair fiber to seek out, identify and remove oxidative damage from the hair with its active ingredient Histidine. It repair signs of styling damage, impurities and it preserves hair’s natural surface structure, leaving stronger, shinier hair that can take it all.

It nourishes the hair from the root to tip and prevent breakage that results from dehydration. Use every day for your daily reinforcement.

Histidine – made up of 90% protein, is the new active ingredient in Pantene’s advanced conditioning formula that helps hair fibers to adopt their own version of purification pathway and reducing impurities preventing micro-damage at the core for a stronger, shinier hair from core to surface.

Pro-V formula

• Strengthens the inside of hair at the structural level

• Lasting strength for reduced hair fall due to breakage

• Specially designed for daily use

How to use:

1. Drain off water from your hair. Gently squeeze your hair to drain off excessive water. This step is vital to prevent dilution of the conditioner.

2. Apply an adequate amount to the tip of your hair.

3. Spread conditioner by combing through your hair with fingers.

4. Rinse adequately. Rinse your hair until you feel its smoothness.

Apply the conditioner twice if you have damage prone hair tips.

*Works on all hair types.

Full size: 10ml / 75ml / 165m / 355ml

Price: PHP 5 / PHP 55 / PHP 110 / PHP 200

Available at: Available in all major supermarkets and drugstore nationwide.

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